There are things you do that you think are healthy, but are actually not. From constantly saying no to calories to over exercising, your good intentions may actually be sabotaging your health. It's thus important to be aware of which habits, diets, and activities are actually helpful to your well-being and which are disruptive. To get you with the program, here are a few things that you have probably been at for a while, but are actually doing you more damage than good.

Sitting for long periods
It only takes something as simple as sitting for hours to disrupt your health.
Studies have already proven that prolonged sitting slows down metabolism, which snowballs to inefficient sugar regulation and slow fat breakdown. According to NHS, this habit can increase the risks of diabetes to 112 percent and cardiovascular diseases to 147 percent.

The best way to keep healthy is to be conscious about how long have you been in your seat. If you've been on it for two to three hours, get up and walk around, or follow these six ways you can sneak in exercise at work.

Working late at night

Unless you're a night owl and your body is wired to be most active at night, booking for odd work hours may be bad for you. BBC reports that working the night shift may cause you to develop sleeping disorders. Moreover, it may also raise your blood pressure levels and mess up your melatonin production.

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Using screened devices before going to bed
This is a common habit that needs to be broken as according to TIME, using your smartphone or your tablet before turning in can actually make you feel hungover the following day. These devices keep your body from relaxing, plus the blue light that they emanate causes the body's melatonin levels to fluctuate, making you even more unable to get proper shut-eye.

Skipping breakfast
Everybody takes breakfast for granted, but there's a real scientific reason why it's called the most important meal of the day. Not only does skipping breakfast actually make you gain more weight, but it can also trigger an assortment of health issues, including cardiovascular problems. Forbes reports that those who do not eat well at the start of the day are 27 percent more likely to experience a heart attack.

Eating way too few calories
Calorie counters, watch out. You may be dieting your way to becoming obese. According to Everyday Health, depriving yourself of too much calories may actually cause you to binge, and may even stall your metabolism in the long run. Make sure to consume at least 1,200 calories a day in order to stay healthy.

Running too many marathons too often
Running has become the past time of many people, and it's one of the best kinds of exercise that the body can get. However, running long distances with only short breaks in between may be sabotaging your health. A study featured on The Telegraph cautions fitness fanatics against constantly running, as doing so may over exert the heart, thicken its walls, cause scars, and potentially lead to dangerous rhythm problems. Experts recommend giving the body enough time to recuperate before signing up for the next fun run.

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