Anything new and positive is exciting. But as soon as the excitement wears out, your attention also wanes. Yes, we’re talking about those New Year’s resolutions you listed just six days ago. Are you still on track? Or is your resolve already starting to fizzle out? Keep your goals from turning into undone resolutions. Here, five simple ways to stay focused.

Set a target.

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When making resolutions, make sure you set a clear deadline or timetable of when you want your goals to be achieved. Having a sure target (say, three weeks or three months) will not only keep you focused, but also challenge you to push harder in accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions.

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Make one change at a time.
It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions; it’s more difficult to actually complete at least two or three on your list. According to Ian Newby-Clark, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Guelph in Canada, you will later on realize that you do not have much time and will power to achieve multiple resolutions. It would be better to stick to just two goals that provide long term benefits. Prime examples: losing weight and saving up money for your own house.

Make an investment.

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Whether it’s buying quality gym clothes and shoes or enrolling in a driving school, investing money on goals will make you think twice before finding excuses not to do them.

Put up visual reminders.
It will be very helpful if you have a visual reminder of your goals—an inspirational message in your planner, a photo of your body peg stuck on your fridge door, or a simple note posted on your desk at work. These little reminders will surely give you a boost of excitement in fulfilling your dreams.

Have an accountability partner.

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Ask a friend or a close family member to be your accountability partner. Having someone to check on you or remind you about your resolutions will help keep you on track. Return the favor by encouraging them to achieve their resolutions, too.

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