Shedding off the baby weight after giving birth may seem like an impossible feat, but once you’ve set that goal to get back in shape, the task becomes a little more doable and within reach. The key? Having a game plan and a determined attitude. Take it from pop star-turned-fashion designer Jessica Simpson, who lost 50 pounds after having her second baby, Ace—thanks to a combo of exercise and eating right. We’ve listed more of her tricks below. Read on and start snagging ’em!

Watch what you eat
It’s not easy to go from satisfying your cravings to going back to your normal eating patterns. This mom of two admits she needed a little help with her diet plans and says there is somebody who comes in and helps out, “I do want to make sure I stick with the right recipes, and obviously my schedule is a little jam packed." Follow her lead and ask an expert for advice on what to put on the table. No access to a nutritionist or dietician? No problem. Online resources like British Nutrition Source and Vanderbilt University’s Wellness Center are pretty reliable, too.

Have a fitness buddy
While it’s not a necessity for you to start exercising, it’s a smart move to have one. Studies show that those who work out with a buddy have a higher chance of reaching their fitness goals. As for Jessica, her 2-year old daughter Maxwell is her favorite workout partner! Adorable right? Want to workout with your tot? Check out these mom-and-baby-friendly exercises. Not only do they get your sweat on, they also serve as a great way to spend time with your little one. Just remember to get your M.D.’s OK before you start on a new exercise plan.

Make a ritual
Whether it’s a couple of jumping jacks or lifting two-pound weights to blast that arm flab, make sure you have at least one simple exercise routine to do for the day. For Jessica, it was walking and targeting 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, using a pedometer to keep her on track. Cop her move! One University of Wisconsin study shows that 10,000 steps a day is the ideal amount of movement for healthy adults. So start parking your car farther from the mall entrance and take the stairs, instead of the elevator. Want to invest in a pedometer? Get one from online store Lazada for P1,880

Moderation is the key
You don’t have to deprive yourself of the food you want to eat (say, chocolates and some cake), all you have to do is eat in moderation. The 33-year old star admitted that she had cheat meals indulging in peach cobbler and chocolate cake!—but balanced everything by maintaining an active lifestyle.

It takes hard work and determination
The blonde beauty had to workout five days a week doing a mix of cardio and strength training to get her ah-mazing body back! Her go-to workout place is the local fitness centre in L.A. Don’t have time to hit the gym everyday? Don’t worry. There are plenty of effective exercise routines that you can do at home! Click here to get the lowdown. Also, don’t forget that hitting your target healthy weight takes hard work and determination. Give yourself time to adjust and to get back on track to proper eating and exercising habits. Patience and honesty with yourself will also help you go a long way.

Photo: Jessica Simpson's Twitter

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