Whether we have problems, the first person we run to is our moms. Dads are great and all, but it can be challenging for them to understand a woman’s insecurities and problems. Besides (and we’re sure that dads would agree), most moms generally dish out indispensable advice. Here, we list down five of the most valuable lessons we learned from our moms.

1. Build a nest egg.

If there’s one thing our moms will never get tired telling us, it’s to save up for a rainy day. We can’t just rely on the 15th and the 30th because that will get us nowhere. Do we really want to be desperate and penniless at the age of 40?

2. Think before we act.

Our moms act as our conscience. Before we do anything, our mothers’ voice is almost always the first to pop into our heads, asking, “Are you sure you want to do that?” We have to admit that this has saved us from making complete fools of ourselves at one time or another.

3. Stay classy.

Whether it’s to never wear too many pearls at the same time or to never cause a public scene, our dear mothers’ advice has always been for our benefit.

4. Some things are just not worth it.

Some things are not worth a second look (like that ugly piece of jewelry) or even a second chance (like our no-good boyfriends). There are other more important things that warrant our attention.

5. Love ourselves first.

When we fall in love, we tend to give everything up for the men we have feelings for. Our moms will tell us to save a bit of love for ourselves. No man should ever be worth giving up our dreams and ambitions for.

(Photo by Horia Varlan via Flickr Creative Commons)

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