Now that Christmas vacation is over, it’s back to work for you. But instead of greeting 2011 with a great big smile, you greet it with a great big sneeze. Judging from your co-workers’ similarly red noses, it looks like you’re not the only one who’s got the post-holiday sniffles.

The cold weather we’ve enjoyed for the past few weeks might have contributed to this; it dries up your mucus-lined airways, causing an itchy or “chafing” feeling when you cough or blow your nose. But despite what old folks say, the weather itself doesn’t make you sick—it’s those darn viruses that spread faster in cool, dry air.

Telltale symptoms of the common flu include runny or clogged nose, headache, fever, chills, body weakness, and sometimes cough or sore throat. While it’s not usually debilitating, it’s enough to interfere with your work, making you less able to concentrate and therefore less productive. Here are 5 tips on fighting off this annoying sickness and feel better in no time.

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