They say that the only thing constant in this world is change, and we’re inclined to agree. Change is an opportunity for growth; it entails a clean slate, a new adventure. But before we can fully embark on this journey, there are some lessons that we need to forget—lessons we need to unlearn—for us to reach our full potential.

Here are five life lessons we’d do well to ditch!

1. We need to be happy 24/7.
Being happy all the time can be exhausting! Once in a while, it’s okay to be a bit masungit or matamlay. According to, “This kind of permission to feel as we feel—not continuous happiness—is the foundation of well-being.”

2. You don't have to stick to a "stable job."
Having a nine-to-five job may be the norm, but we’re seeing more and more people successful freelancers and work-from-home types than ever before. Times are changing. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if striking out on our own would prove to be a more lucrative use of our time than some regular careers.

3. First impressions last.
Just because we acted like such a complete klutz the first 10 minutes of the date doesn’t mean the entire outing should be declared a failure. After all, what is 10 minutes of an awkward introductions to 30 minutes of friendly banter, 20 minutes of intimate conversation, and maybe 10 minutes of eye sex?

4. Life would be perfect if only we were a few pounds lighter.
We’ve all struggled with our weight at one point or another, but a fulfilling life is not about how many inches our waistline is or what dress size we wear. True satisfaction lies in being able to accept and love ourselves for who we are.


5. It’s important to have a lot of friends.
Everything used to be a popularity contest. The more friends we supposedly had, the better. But as we grow older, we are learning that it’s better to have a couple of really good gal pals whom we can talk to about anything, say, our obsession with Piolo Pascual, without judgment than a whole gaggle of friends who are little more than Facebook fodder.

(Photo by Jeremy Tarling via Flikr Creative Commons)

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