While it’s great to have your girl friends by your side, it also pays to have male friends who can give you good advice about life, career, and relationships from a guy's perspective. Here are the five types of male friends you probably have.

The Childhood Friend

Your mom knows him, your dad knows him–everyone in your family knows him (even your second and third-degree cousins!). He's seen you while you were still in your ugly duckling stage and was there when you first learned to ride the bicycle. Your kababata basically witnessed you grow and mature into who you are today. You two still joke about the days when you had your braces and buhaghag hair and when he was still lampayatot.

The Gay Guy Friend
He’s your go-to guy when it comes to who’s hot and who’s not, fashion trends, and the latest showbiz news. Your inner fabulous diva is unleashed whenever you’re with him and you know that he’s got your back when that person who’s been not-so-gently pushing you on the MRT gets a little too catty.

The Guy BFF

The guy BFF has seen you at your best and definitely during your worst. He’s a shoulder to cry on, your driver (when you’ve had a little too much to drink), and your number one protector when some douche tries to get his way with you. He never judges you when you make wrong decisions, but he doesn’t forget to correct you as well. He is basically your brother from another mother and also the guy your boyfriend usually gets jealous of.

The Funny One
He’s always the life of the party and manages to put a smile on your face no matter how bad you feel. You feel comfortable and at ease when you’re with him and you’d choose him over anyone else to go to an event with because you know there will surely no be dull moments.

The Friend-Zoned Guy

At one point in your life, one of your guys friends will probably develop feelings for you, and while it can be flattering to actually have someone attracted to you, the struggle of maintaining a friendship and forming a romantic relationship is all too real. This guy friend of yours is the first to volunteer to take you home (even if it’s out of his way) and the one who pays the most attention to the smallest details in your life. Though you didn’t want to break his heart, you had to decide between friendship and love, and you chose the first because you value him too much.

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