Swimming is a full-body workout that keeps your heart rate up but isn’t as high-impact as most. A great way to build endurance, swimming strengthens your heart and your lungs, while building muscle mass and reducing fat. It’s also known to reduce stress, as the feeling of being weightless in water can calm the mind.

If you haven’t tried learning the basics yet because you think you don’t have the talent for it or you’re a bit afraid of the water, you can try signing up for classes at Streamline Sports Instruction. Unlike many schools with very rigid lesson plans, its teachers focus on getting you used to the feeling of being submerged and tackles how water can work with you instead of against you. It’s an alternative way of learning at your own pace.

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For inquiries, contact Streamline Sports Instruction Inc. on Facebook, or via (0917) 5391205.

Body Jam

A great cardio workout that won’t get you bored, Body Jam is a mix of the latest dance styles and ultra-hip beats that keep your pulse racing. This dance-based aerobic exercise bopping to hip-hop, funk, and even EDM can help you shake those excess bulges away without you even noticing it.

Cosmo Girls show their moves during the first-ever #CosmoMoveIt Workout Party held at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater last April.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
For women who are more into rough and rowdy training sessions, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or BJJ is for you. A close quarters martial art and combat sport focusing on grappling and ground fighting, it doesn’t only give you a full-body workout, it also trains your mind to quickly calculate you next move.


Fight Factory at The Fort is a great place to get started, with patient instructors and a no-nonsense environment that immediately introduce you to the basics.

For inquiries, contact Fight Factory Manila – Fort Bonifacio on Facebook, or via 511-1936.

PHOTO: Charlene Owen, Facebook Fight Factory Manila - Fort Bonifacio, Instagram @senorita_jessy

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