“I can’t stop running,” Jaymie Pizarro shares. This mom, freelance graphic designer, and US-certified baby sign language instructor has been bitten hard by the running bug. Aside fom doing marathons and triathlons, this avid runner maintains the blog, The Bull Runner, where she writes about upcoming running events, tips, and her personal experiences. A fixture in the Philippine running community, she has various endorsements under her belt as well.


“The epiphany that I would really love to continue running came when I didn’t feel like it was exercise or just to lose weight... Some people force themselves to run because of a particular goal, or some people would sign up for a marathon and wake up on a Saturday morning and think, ‘Oh no, I have to do my long run,’” she explains. “I’m always, ‘Yay, we’re gonna run today!’” Jaymie says.

Jaymie has been running in races since 2007, but in 2009, she was able to finish the 42-K Quezon City International Marathon. She initially planned to run just 35-K, but at the last moment, she decided to go all the way to the finish line. She recalls the adrenaline rush that came with finishing her first ever marathon. “The moment I crossed the finish line I felt like a changed person, no exaggeration,” she shares. Jaymie just finished the grueling Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu and intends to finish major intenrational marathons in Berlin, New York, Chicago, London, and Boston next year.

Check out her tips on how you can properly recover (and get back in the game) after an injury:

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“The tendency of an experienced runner coming out of an injury is to think that they can just go back to their daily mileage and everything is good. You have to ease into it and pay attention to every part of your body, because what happens is that your body usually overcompensates and the injury just transfers to another side.”


“Don’t use the same shoe that you used when you got injured. Most of the time, or at least for me, it’s because of the shoe,” Jaymie shares. She recommends choosing a pair of shoes with a thumb’s width of space between its tip and your foot.


“Strength training really helps because we have muscle imbalances and the only way to really strengthen the weaker muscles while loosening up the other muscles is to do strength training combined with flexibility exercises,” Jaymie advises. For a one-stop solution, she says it helps if you give yoga a try.

To read the full story on Jaymie Pizarro, grab a copy of the October-December 2012 issue of Runner’s World, retailing at just P150 from leading supermarkets, bookstores, and magazine stands. You can also subscribe to the magazine's digital edition.

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