"Mage-exercise na ako bukas, promise na talaga!" you tell yourself for the nth time, only to totally forget about it the next day.

Sounds familiar? We totally get how you feel. It’s so easy to make grand health resolutions with every intention of seeing them through, but when the time comes to act on it, every bit of your once-strong motivation is nowhere to be found.

Our advice: Take it one day at a time. See that you’re making good on your promises to yourself on a day-to-day basis, and before you know it, those once-impossible challenges will be permanent parts of your daily routine.

Another trick is to stick to resolutions that are actually doable and find the motivation to see them through. Check out our suggestions below!

1. Get hydrated.
Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day does wonders for you inside out. Aside from helping flush toxins from your body, it also gives your skin a nice glow—something we could all use!

2. Eat more fruits.
Satisfy your sweet cravings with some all-natural sugar! Eat some along with your breakfast to jumpstart your digestive system.

3. Munch on salads more often.
Not only are salads great for you, they’re also ridiculously easy to make—just a bit of chopping, and absolutely no heat required! Make it even more healthy by using vinaigrette instead of heavier creamy dressings.

4. Get better sleep.
Sleeping for six to eight hours straight every night ensures that you’ll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed each morning! You might as well also make sure that you’re getting quality shut-eye: dim the lights, invest in comfy pillows, play relaxing music, light lavender-scented candles, whatever works for you.

5. Use sunscreen every day.
It’s amazing how this simple addition to your beauty routine can do so much for your skin. Aside from protecting you from harmful UV rays, it also prevents the early appearance of wrinkles and pigmented spots, keeping you looking youthful longer.

6. Wash your face every night.
Make sure you remove the day’s makeup before you drift off to sleep! Remember, clogged pores and possible zits won’t help your skin look any better.

7. Take your vitamins.
The vitamins and minerals you get from your regular meals probably aren’t enough to meet your daily recommended intake for certain nutrients, especially if you’re a picky eater. Make up for it with supplements, which provide you with the nutrients you’re missing out on.

8. Squeeze some exercise into your daily routine.
Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of taking the tricycle, bring a yoga mat to the office and do a few curl-ups during breaks—if there’s a will, there’s a way.

9. Find a workout that excites you.
So all your friends are into yoga, but that’s not really your thing. Easy solution: Find a different workout that actually makes you pumped up! Sign up for boxing classes, join a tennis club, check out CrossFit. In this day and age, the workout possibilities are endless!

10. Think happier thoughts.
Being a perpetual Debbie Downer ain’t any fun at all. Instead of being the constant Eeyore of your barkada, try to turn a more optimistic leaf this 2016. Trust us, there’s power in positive thinking!

11. Visit the OB-Gyne regularly.
You absolutely should visit your OB on a regular basis (Yes, even if you’re still a virgin!) to make sure that everything’s in tip-top shape down there. If you’re sexually active, you should also get yourself checked for STDs—you might be doing it with only one guy, but in this day and age, you can never be too careful!

12. Find a skincare regimen that works for you.
Instead of switching from facial wash to facial wash to serum to serum hoping to hit the “kutis kinis” jackpot, why don’t you visit a dermatologist who can accurately prescribe a skincare ritual that can actually solve all your pore problems? Yeah, it can be a bit expensive, but come on, it’s your skin—the largest organ of your body. Don’t you think it deserves a bit of TLC too?

13. Cut down on your vices.
We’re pretty sure "quit smoking" and "drink less often" has been a New Year’s Resolution of yours for, oh, just the last five years or so. This time though, make sure you really stay true to your word. Think of your liver and your lungs, girl!

14. Avoid stress.
Stress is inevitable in life, but you could always stop things from getting to you. Inhale, exhale, and don’t fret too much about things that aren’t in your control—You won’t solve a problem by getting frazzled beyond belief.

15. Aim for "healthy," not "thin."
We’re totally supportive in your quest to lose a few extra pounds, but girl, don’t overdo it! Having a modelesque body isn’t worth it if you’re not happy, fit, and strong.

16. Indulge from time to time, but don’t over-indulge.
It’s absolutely okay to pig on some fast food and chocolate every once in a while. Enjoying it every day, though, is a different matter. Set aside cheat days, and make sure you stick to them.

17. Practice safe sex.
When it comes to sex, there’s no such thing as “too careful.” If you’re not looking to get pregnant, find a birth control method that works for you, and make sure your guy wraps it up every time you do the deed.

18. Get health insurance.
Sa panahon ngayon, bawal magkasakit. And if you do find yourself confined in a hospital this year, trust us, you’ll be glad if you have comprehensive health insurance that can cover your bills. This is definitely worth the investment, girl.

19. Ditch your fast food habit.
This isn’t just unhealthy: It also takes a toll on your wallet. Sure, it’s convenient, but come on honey, surely you can do better than having fried chicken and burgers for lunch every day!

20. Opt for healthier food alternatives.
Get fish instead of pork, ask for chicken breasts instead of your usual drumstick, buy brown rice, steam your vegetables instead of sit-frying them—these simple food tweaks can do wonders for you in the long run.

21. Make sure your vaccines are up-to-date.
Yes, syringes are scary. But you know what’s scarier? Chickenpox. Or measles. Or Hepatitis. So get your shots, stat. (Kagat lang ‘yan ng langgam, promise!)

22. Unplug your gadgets.
Okay, it’s difficult to do this one on a busy workday, but you should try it on lazier days, or at least when you’re off to bed. The blue light that your gadgets’ screens emit can strain your eyes, making it more difficult to sleep. Besides, it’s very liberating to not have to watch out for a ringing phone!

23. Get your teeth checked.
Which would you prefer: Scary (but painless) twice-a-year cleanings or horrid cavities and bad breath? Come on guys, this should be a no-brainer.

24. Count your blessings.
Even the crappiest of days should have a silver lining somewhere. List at least one thing you’re grateful for every day and feel the good vibes flow through you!


PHOTO: Pixabay

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