There’s always at least one girl in our social circle who seems to be totally in control of everything in her life. You know, the girl who’s always effortlessly chic, poised, and confident, even after battling it out with the mad crowds in the MRT during rush hour. Her seeming perfection can be envy-inducing, but with a few sneaky tricks, you’ll soon be on your way to being that girl, too. Read on to see how you too can be a real-life Wonder Woman!


1. She dresses to flatter her body.
Leave it to her to know exactly what kind of clothes work for her figure. Her number one rule in the fitting room: if it doesn’t feel perfect, don’t buy it!

She knows how to make the most out of makeup.

She can easily transform her look from "brunch with the girlfriends" to "hot dinner date" with just a dab of eyeshadow and a swipe of lipstick. Oh, and her secret to staying gorgeous after bawling her eyes out during Inside Out? Waterproof mascara. (You’re welcome!)

She knows her priorities.
She’ll take a day off from work so the whole family will be complete at her youngest sister’s graduation because family trumps everything else in her book.

She can admit to her mistakes.
She’s not above apologizing, especially when she knows she’s the one who messed up.

She knows her way around the house.
This girl understands that doing household chores is an inescapable fact of life, and she takes pride in keeping her abode as cozy as possible.

She has meaningful hobbies.
She doesn’t start on a hobby just because it’s uso: When she sets her mind to doing something, you can bet that it’s an activity that she’ll really strive to excel in.

She has concrete goals in life—and she’s determined to pursue them all.
There’s no dream too big or too crazy for this chick! You can count on her to check off all her ultimate life goals, from skydiving in Dubai to opening her own business.

She has no problem getting around town.
This street-smart girl doesn’t break a sweat at the thought of riding jeepneys, buses, shuttle vans, cabs, and trains. No car? No problem!

She knows that real-life memories are more important than virtual likes.
She understands that it’s the memories you keep in your mind that’ll matter most in the long run, and that’s why she’d rather live in the present and savor all the sights around her than fret over the number of Instagram likes her travel OOTDs have been getting.

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10. She prioritizes her health.
She never forgets to take her vitamins, and she regularly visits her doctor and her dentist (even if she’s deathly scared of needles) for check-ups because that’s what responsible adults do.

11. She has cultivated her own signature style.
When she finds something that suits her to a T, she’ll definitely rock the heck out of it. Case in point: You’ll know she has entered a room when you get a whiff of her favorite perfume that, for some weird reason, just doesn’t smell as good on you as it does on her.

12. She knows how to play up her charm.
She’s the best person to go shopping in Divi with because she has no problem using an all-around charm offensive to get the best prices on everyone from cloth sellers to pedicab drivers.

13. She’s not afraid to accentuate her best features.
She knows what she’s got, and she has no problem flaunting what her momma gave her!


14. She makes time for exercise.
Girlfriend doesn’t just work out to lose weight—she hits the gym to mold her body into the strongest, fittest version of her.

15. She has no problem talking to a wide array of people.
One minute she’s chatting up a new stranger, then before you know it, they’re suddenly BFFs! How in the world does she do that?!

16. She’s responsible when it comes to her finances.
This girl knows better than to splurge on something she knows she can’t afford, and she’d rather use her hard-earned money on things that’ll give her more fulfillment in the long run

17. She has no problem doing things alone.
Not having a companion wouldn’t stop her from eating in a restaurant, shopping her heart out, or going abroad!

18. She takes care of her skin.
For this girl, naturally smooth, glowing skin is the best look of all, and she maintains her enviable complexion with regular derma visits and heavy sunblock use.


19. She carries herself well.
Good posture can make anyone look like a total hottie in a snap, and this lady sure knows it!

20. She knows whose opinions matter.
Why should she waste her precious time listening to haters and frenemies who just want to see her fail when she can always bank on her loved ones and mentors who truly want what’s best for her?

PHOTO: Pixabay

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