Every woman gets to a point in life where she gets tired of all the crappy things happening around her and starts wanting more for herself. And that’s not a bad thing because life’s too short to be a pushover and to conform to other people’s standards. Being a grown-ass woman means you live life in your own terms, completely and unapologetically. If you count yourself as one, here just some things that you should not settle for:

A Mediocre Career
A grown-ass woman takes her career in her own hands. She doesn't just work quietly and hope that she'll be promoted someday—she goes out there and shows her boss and teammates what she’s capable of and what an asset she is. She's not afraid to challenge herself by taking on bigger responsibilities and going out of her comfort zone. The corner office isn't just a dream for her—it's just a stepping stone to even greater heights.

Unflattering Wardrobe
A grown-ass woman knows what looks good on her. She dresses her body with only the clothes that she loves and makes her feel her best. She knows that experimenting with bad fashion trends or committing fashion faux pas is only forgivable during her teenage years (and maybe her early 20s). She doesn't waste time and money on clothes that do not fit well and are not a perfect match for her style and personality.

Toxic Friendships
Life's too short to surround yourself with nega and toxic people. That's why grown-ass women only keep true friends around. They prune their social circle constantly and stay away from immature, irresponsible, and selfish "friends" who do nothing but bring them down and fill them with bad vibes.

Bad Relationships
Grown-ass women have had enough of good-for-nothing men. They stay away from bad boys, commitment-phobes, players, and immature brats who don’t treat them right and make them cry. Flings, affairs, and "It’s-complicated" arrangements just won’t cut it. Grown-ass women deserve a mature and loving relationship with a committed partner who will stand by them through thick and thin, until death do them part.

Gossip and Drama
Grown-ass women have no patience for tsismis or drama. They refuse to take part in conversations that badmouth or demean other people because nothing good will ever come out of it (and they know very well that karma is a bitch). They pick their battles carefully and know how to walk away from petty fights and not take sides in trivial issues.

Sub-Par Service
Grown-ass women know the kind of service they deserve and they're not afraid to speak up if things fail to meet their expectations. They won't think twice about sending back meals that are not done right, having faulty or damaged merchandise replaced, or letting their complaints be known to the management. Of course, they do this with the utmost grace and class. Despite how upset she is about bad service, a grown-ass woman never forgets her manners.

All Work and No Play
A grown-ass woman works hard, but she also knows how to play hard. She knows that her job is not her life and that it's alright to take a break and go on a YOLO spree once in a while. She doesn't feel guilty about using up all her VLs because she deserves it for all the amazing work she's been doing. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, after all.

Being treated without respect
A grown-ass woman won’t stand for being disrespected because of her age, her gender, or her social standing. She won’t hesitate to put catcallers and rude strangers in their place because she’s not a sexual object to be ogled upon. She demands to be treated properly and will not let anyone put her down or walk all over her.

Low Self-Esteem
Like most of us, grown-ass women have insecurities, too. But the difference is, they don't let low self-esteem consume their every thought and action. They silence that nagging, doubting voice telling them that they’re not good enough and they do awesome things instead. They surround themselves with people and things that empower them and give them confidence.

Not being the best version of herself
A grown-ass woman is on a mission to realize her full potential. She won’t settle for anything less than the best version of herself. She always strives to improve all aspects of her life—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—so that she can realize her dreams and better fulfill her roles and commitments to the people around her. She keeps an open mind because she knows that there are always new things to be learned.

Low Pay
Grown-ass women know what their time and skills are worth. They will never sell themselves short because they understand the immense value that they can give to their employers or clients. They’re not afraid to ask for a high compensation because they produce high-quality results that help companies and businesses grow and earn a lot of money.

Emotional Baggage
A grown-ass woman doesn’t let herself be weighed down with grudges, ill feelings, or negative vibes. She knows that there’s no benefit to lugging around emotional baggage because it will just hinder her from experiencing true happiness. She gives herself enough time to heal from the pain and hurt that life throws at her, and she emerges stronger, better, and ready to move forward and face the next challenge that will come her way.

Unsatisfying Sex
A grown-ass woman is in tune with her sexual needs. She knows that she has every right to be satisfied during sex as her partner. She’s not ashamed to communicate her preferences and is even willing to give her partner instruction and guidance so that they can both enjoy their intimate moments.

Being Financially Dependent on Someone Else
Although she may not be a financial expert (yet), a grown-ass women is capable of handling money. She doesn’t rely on her parents, family, or partner for her daily needs because she earns her own keep. She’s financially-savvy, doesn’t have any debt (or is on her way to crushing them), and is working her way towards financial independence.

Destructive Habits
Grown-ass women know how to take care of themselves. They nourish their body, minds, and spirit with only good and beneficial things. They stay away from too much booze, drugs, and other habits that could mess up their lives and send them on a downward spiral. In a similar fashion, they stay from people and places that could be a bad influence to them.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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