You know the saying, “The eyes are the window to the soul”? Well, we say your teeth, on the other hand, are the window to a person’s diet, vices and hygiene. Why?

Well, besides the fact that yellowish teeth make for an ultimate turn-off, they’re very much indicative of what you like to chomp on and how much you actually take care of them. You wouldn’t want to mess up a date, an important meeting or a job interview just by flashing not-so-white teeth, would you?

For instance, drinking a lot of tea, soda, coffee, or wine can contribute to this problem. That’s because they can leave a stain on your teeth. The same goes for certain fruits and vegetables.

If you’re a cigarette smoker, then you can blame this too for your yellowish teeth. And if you haven’t paid a visit to your dentist in quite a while, then you’ve missed on many a good cleaning.

On the other hand, yellowish teeth can also be predetermined by your genes or by age. As you get older, the enamel on your teeth gets thinner and more transparent. As a result, the inner part, called dentin, appears darker.

But no biggie. We’re here to help. Whatever the cause of your teeth losing their white sparkle, and even with dental treatments available, the solution could just be hiding in your pantry or fridge. And if we can save on our hard-earned moolah, then it’s worth a try, right? Check out these home remedies to get that picture-perfect smile:

(Photo by Dan Queiroz via Flickr Creative Commons)

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