They say that good things come to those who sweat, and they do. But just because you don’t sweat doesn’t mean you aren’t actually working out. There are a number of physical activities that can keep you fit and healthy without leaving you drenched and needing to take a shower--which is great if you want to sneak in a workout during your lunch break, before heading out for drinks, or even right before you sleep. And, hey, don’t just look at these as consolations to your workout--these moves and routines are legitimate strength-training, endurance-building, limb-stretching workouts that are great for recovery days and toning. So, the next time someone makes you feel like a couch potato for not going to the gym, at least be a sexy couch potato!


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When all you need is a chair

If you get to work early, or want to build an appetite before lunch, grab a chair and try these exercises for even just 10 minutes while sitting down.

Arm Circles

Stretch your arms out to the sides and make small circular movements forward. Repeat backwards.

Benefits: Tones shoulders, prevents armpit rolls, improves posture

Chair Press-Ups

While seated, position your arms behind you at a right angle to your back. Use the armrests as support to push your body off the chair. Lay your feet flat on the floor.

Benefits: Tones triceps, prevents bra bulges

Knee Ups

Lean back on the chair and keep your chest high, shoulders down. Lift your right knee up to your chest while holding on to the sides of the chair for stability. Bring it down as your pull your left knee up. Repeat.

Benefits: Strengthens core muscles, tones lower abs, improves posture

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For everything with a table

Do you have your own little corner at the office? Or can you borrow the empty conference room for a while? If the answer is yes, these bodyweight exercises should fit into your routine.

Table Pull-Ups

Lay underneath a desk up to the point where you can extend your arms straight up to its edge. Use the edge of the table to pull yourself up, like in a reverse push-up.

Benefits: Improves over-all strength, tones biceps and upper back, boosts metabolism


Set your butt against the edge of the table and set your hands beside it. Grip the table and let your butt fall to the ground without touching it, bending your knees for support.

Benefits: Tones triceps and improves over-all strength and stability

Figure Four Stretch

Lift your right leg unto the table and form a figure four. Press your knee as flat to the table as you can. Repeat on the other leg.


Benefits: Stretches quads and glutes

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While staying in bed

Wake yourself up with these exercises, or do a few reps before you collapse into your pillow. If you sink into your bed, activate your core muscles to gain stability.

Glute Bridge

Laying face up, fold your knees and position them just slightly more than hip width. Plant your feet on the bed for support as you lift your butt off. Keep your arms on your sides.

Benefits: Tones thighs and glutes, strengthens core muscles especially lower back


Laying face down on your bed, stretch your arms out in front of you and your legs out behind you. Lift your head, arms, and legs while arching your back and resting on your pelvis. Hold for at least 30 seconds.

Benefits: Tones back, improves posture, builds endurance

Side Leg Raises

Lay on your right side. Rest your head on your right arm, folded or stretched. Point your toes down use this to align the tip of your head, then lift your left leg up and down. Repeat on the other leg.


Benefits: Tones thighs and glutes, improves flexibility, lengthens your spine.

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Anywhere, anytime

Take these full body workouts with you for anytime you want a short routine to kick your metabolism into play throughout the day.

Static Lunge

Step your right foot forward and slowly dip into a lunge, until your left thigh is in a 90-degree angle to the ground without touching it. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe! Repeat on the other leg.

Benefits: Tones and strengthens legs and core

Chair Pose

From a standing position, lower your butt down as though you were about to sit down on a chair while raising your arms up past your head. Hold the seated pose for at least 30 seconds, balance, and breathe!

Benefits: Tones and strengthens legs and glutes, improves balance, promotes blood circulation


With arms outstretched below you, or resting on your elbows, raise your butt to align with your shoulders, and balance your legs on your toes. Hold for at least 30 seconds.


Benefits: Works entire body--arms, core muscles, and legs

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