Gone are the days when women would mourn their 20s and their 30s. After all, life begins at 40! Just take a look at women like Salma Hayek (46), Lucy Liu (44), and Teri Hatcher (48)—they may be past their 40s, but they certainly aren’t obsessing over their age. Instead, they've upped the ante by going for daring roles and breaking free from the aging actress stereotype. They, and many other 40-somethings out there, are proof that 40 is definitely the new sexy. Want to know why you should look forward to your 40s? Read on!


1. Your sex life really begins at 40.

According to a survey published in The Daily Mail, women in their 40s are getting more than just “some” than when they were in their 20s.

2. Maybe because you’re more confident with your body

You’ve had four decades to adjust to your body shape, and now you know exactly how to show off your best assets. It shows in the way you walk and talk, and now men can't take their eyes off you.

3. And because you’ve learned how to communicate with your eyes

When you were young, you might have bared as much skin as you could to catch a man’s attention. You’ve since learned that using your eyes to seduce is a much more potent aphrodisiac.

4. You’ve also mastered the art of making conversation.

Of course, there is the fact that you’ve amassed a wide range of stock knowledge to help you keep up your end of the conversation. A woman who can talk about anything from art, philosophy, and current events is definitely hot.

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5. You’ve already shed most of your insecurities.

Call it one of the follies of youth beacuse back then, being accepted was your priority. At age 40, you have learned to accept that you can’t please everybody and that it’s completely okay.

6. You’ve started voicing out your opinions more.

Whether you’re telling them how much you love Tilda Swinton or how much you like how they look without clothes on, men love women who can speak their mind. They confess to it all the time.

7. Jewelry looks amazing on you.

There is something about expensive jewelry and the women who wear them that makes for a lethal combination. The next time you're staying in with your man, consider wearing only a diamond necklace and nothing else.

8. You’re more courageous.

Bravery is very sexy. You’ve become a daredevil, or at least, more of one than your old self. You take more risks in your personal and professional life, and that’s pretty irresistible.

9. You’ve got power.

You're no longer afraid of your own charms. You know you can get people to do what you want and you're not afraid to use the knowledge to your advantage.


10. You know what you want.

Now that you now know which moves will bring you the most pleasure and which won’t, you make a great partner in and out of bed.

(Screencap from Grown Ups 2 courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

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