Crossing over from preschool to first grade is a big step for children. After learning rhymes and spending a lot of time in active play, kids will come face to face with the basics in reading, math, and science. They’ll also meet new classmates to bond and learn with. Being in elementary is fun and exciting with a lot of adjustments to be made.

Here are a few tips for parents as they guide their kids transitioning to the big school:

1. Promote a ‘you can do it yourself’ attitude

Let kids play an active part in preparing for school so they can also learn to be responsible and independent. Tasks like picking out school clothes the night before, making up the bed, and putting all his school things in the bag can be part of the child’s routine. Also teach him to unpack his bag, put all his homework materials in his study table, and hand in any notes or messages from the teacher as soon as he gets home. As a reward, he can get extra TV or play time.

2. Develop a homework routine

It will help if a kid has a regular time and place to do homework every day. It sets the mood and cues the child that school work should be done. That way, he will be less likely to forget or be tempted to procrastinate.

3. Let them open their ears

Listening well is an important part of building reading skills. Even after your kid has learned to read by himself, it’s good to still read aloud to them. Once in a while, check if he’s paying attention by asking him questions. Good listening behaviour can also be promoted with eye contact when he’s asking you a question or while he’s speaking. Don’t forget to confirm after he speaks so your child will know you listened, too!

4. Make math part of everyday life

Leave the flashcards, workbooks, and other skill-and-drill stuff to the teacher. At home, the best way to help your child learn to love math is by letting him have fun with numbers. Why not let him count the plates as he sets the table? You can even ask him to count toys like puzzle pieces as he’s packing them up. Take every opportunity to practice his math skills—it will do him good in the future.

5. Get involved in preparing breakfast

One of the simplest activities you and your kid can do together to get him excited for school is to prepare breakfast. A fun and easy option is whole grain breakfast cereal like HONEY STARS. It’s honey-flavored cereal that now isn’t just star-shaped, but moon-shaped too! The crunchy treat is full of nutrients that will help get them energized and ready for school!

Don’t worry, HONEY STARS can be found in all supermarkers together with other NESTLE BREAKFAST CEREALS like KOKO KRUNCH and COOKIE CRISP! They’re all delicious, healthy, and will give your kid the right nutrition he needs to be a Morning Champ!

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