You constantly receive text messages… and no, it’s not from your S.O.
"Where are you?", "What time are you coming home?", "Who are you with?" These are just some of the text messages you get on a daily basis–sometimes every two to three hours.

You’re usually hatid-sundo.
No matter what time you plan to leave the office; you don’t have to worry about dealing with the rush hour since kuya driver is already waiting for you. While it’s great that you don’t have to wait long hours in line, you also don't get a lot of chances to socialize outside the office.

You rarely go out.

A girls’ night out on a Friday always requires a two-week notice and you’re expected to be home before 11:00 p.m–the time when the fun usually starts. Also, you get annoyed when plans are canceled because it's soooo difficult to get a "Yes" from your parents.

Dating can be quite difficult.
Since you rarely go out, you barely meet any new prospects. The only guys you can interact with are the ones at the office...

Wearing short shorts = bastusin
"Mom, it’s just a few inches above the knee!"

The possibility of surprise visits in your office is high.

"Honey, you left your pouch in the car... Oh, is this your office? Bigyan mo naman ako ng tour!" Sighs.

You barely have any privacy.

You’re questioned when someone calls you on the phone.
Even though it’s your boss asking about a specific deadline, your parents think you’re keeping something, or rather, someone from them. #HotSeat

Overnights are a big no-no.
You’ll hear a loud "Paano kung mabuntis ka?!" and if ever you were allowed to go, you need to write down the names, contact numbers, and the home addresses of each person present at the overnight.

But you feel super protected.
Although they can be clingy and over protective sometimes, you know they’ve got your back no matter what happens. That’s love.

SCREENCAP: Whip It/Fox Searchlight Pictures (2009); GIFs: Giphy

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