It’s 6:00 A.M. and the school bus is expected to arrive in 15 minutes. Mom checks in on her child to make sure he didn’t forget his homework and that he packed an extra shirt for basketball practice. They then hustle to the kitchen for breakfast but the kid drags his feet and implores, “Mom, I’m not hungry yet. I’ll just eat during recess, promise!”

This kind of push and pull plays out in many households every morning. But every wise mom knows that skipping breakfast can have many dire consequences. The science is clear about the effects of a good breakfast on a child’s development. After a full night’s rest, a child needs a boost of energy to function well for the many demands of the day.

Up your child’s brain power

Kids who eat breakfast perform better in school than those who don’t. Research conducted among elementary school children show that breakfast eaters scored better on memory drills and verbal fluency than breakfast skippers. Even if the child eats hearty during recess, it still doesn’t make up for the lost opportunity of starting the day right with breakfast.

Fuel for play

Children are naturally full of zip and they burn calories as easily as they consume. This is why it’s important to keep a child energized to do better in sports and active play. By giving them a good kind of breakfast, they’ll receive the right nutrients and minerals they’ll need to be strong and alert all throughout the day.

Energize kids for social interaction

School is one great place where children get to interact with other kids their age and learn about friendship. Being in a good mood is the best way to gain friends, so make sure that he gets to start off his day well and not be a little grump.

Start a good habit to last a lifetime

The practice of eating a good breakfast every morning sets the child on the right path. Healthy eating habits start from childhood. It's important for moms to educate their kids about the importance of the morning meal and the role it plays in maintaining good health and preventing obesity.

See how big a difference giving your child the better breakfast can make? One option you can try serving is whole grain breakfast cereal. It contains a lot of nutrients like fiber and carbohydrates to keep your kid going. Head to the supermarket and look for NESTLÉ Breakfast Cereals. They’re not only good for your kid, they’re also really delicious!


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