You can't escape high school reunions. Sooner or later, someone from your batch will get nostalgic, create a Facebook group, and organize a homecoming to remember. Already got your invite in the mail? Here are the eight people you might have to share a table with!

1. The Success StoryShe was the one who did good. After college, she either rose up the ranks and is now the VP of a multinational company or she started her own business and struck gold. She has a house in Alabang, a condo in Makati, and a rest house in Tagaytay. While you can't help but be in awe of her achievementssiya na, siya na talaga—you shouldn't belittle yourself. You're a success story in your own right!


2. The Most ImprovedScrawny, nerdy, and very, very shy, he was not really what you'd call crush ng bayan material. However, the years have been really good—and we mean, really goodto him and now he's a complete hottie. He models during his free time, looks amazing in corporate wear (as seen on Instagram), and best of all, is still as nice as ever. May chance ka!

3. The Boy ScoutHe's your forever abanger. Ten years have gone by and he's still waiting for you to give him a second glance. In short, laging handa. If you're single, maybe you should give it a go.

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4. The Resident TsismosaWord travels fast. Don't be so surprised if she knows details about your last relationship even if you haven't seen each other since, well, high school! That said, don't be so quick to believe in what you hear from her either and try not to feed the rumor mill. What goes around, comes around.

5. The Basic BitchBullies usually grow up, but in case yours is still as two-dimensional as ever, remember to take the high road. Don't allow yourself to stoop down to her level. You don't have time for her drama.


6. The OneYou had the biggest crush on him during your sophomore year and while you're definitely over the guy—it's been a decade, after all—you'd still want to look your best. Call it juvenile, but hey, don't pretend you don't want him to do a double-take and wonder why the hell he picked Barbie Esguerra over you at prom.

7. The NostalgicHigh school's over, but it's clear that he isn't quite over it yet. He lives in the past, constantly reminiscing about the good old days in remarkable detail. He's almost always the first one to suggest a get-together and this high school reunion probably made his year. Try not to burst his bubble.

8. The High School NemesisAll throughout secondary school, you two competed for the same things. You went head to head with her for class president, captain of the swim team, and even intrams muse. While it's easy to fall back into old habits, resist the urge to brag about your CV, no matter how impressive it is. Instead, ask her how she's been and try to reconnect with her on a more personal level. High school's over, but the rest of your life is just beginning. Make it count.


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