1. You get the guy perspective for all your boy troubles.
Your guy friends will let you know if you're fretting over something or nothing, will tell you what his cryptic or "cold" reply is all about, and what you can do to make peace with your BF. They let you in on the male psyche, and it helps a lot for relationships.

2. You get to laugh a lot.
Whether it's hanging out with your guy friends or just chatting with one of them, you LOL. They love to joke around, pull on pranks, or talk about stupid or silly things, so how could you keep a straight face? They hardly take themselves seriously especially when they don't have to, and that's refreshing.

3. You feel like you got another brother you can open up to.
...Or you feel like you finally have a brother. And you can talk to him not just about love problems (among others) that your brother already knows about. You can also talk to him about how far you've gone, your crushes, your hook-ups, and so much more.

4. They're straightforward, so they don't play mind games on you.
This is great as it is. What makes this greater is that they also encourage you to be honest and franknot just with them but with your BF too.

5. They got your back.
They protect you from guys who just won't back off, like that crazy ex of yours, or just strangers in general who want to take advantage of you. It's easy for outsiders to think you have a thing with your guy friends, or your guy friends are just big, so that's easily intimidating.

6. You learn about things that never really crossed your mind before.
Video games, comic books, NBA? You see your guy friends talking about them on Facebook or hear them geek out in real life, so you can't help but ask them what the deal is. They're happy to explain all those things to you (of course they are). You may not pick up the hobby of playing Call of Duty or Defense of the Ancients (yep, that's what DotA means) right now, but at least you know about their interests and your guy friends more. And seriously, knowledge of those guy things can help you win a guy over in the future. So YAY!

7. You can change the way your guy friends think.
You give your guy friends the female perspective, so they can be better suitors or boyfriends to their girl. Better yet, if your guy friends are on the sexist side, well, you can change the way they think by correcting them. That makes society a slightly better place, right? Right.

8. You feel like you don't have to be so dressed up around them.
Well, if you have super chill guys, that is. That chill will just rub off on you. In any case, guys don't really understand women's fashion anyway. If you wear something too trendy or high fashion, they'll just criticize what you're wearing or say something dumb (without meaning to) that'll offend or embarrass you.

9. You can end up dating one of them, and that can be great!
You guys started out as really good friends, so you know what the other person went through. That can help you be a kinder, more understanding, more loving and patient partnermaybe the best he's ever had. And it could go the same way for you too. They do say good friends make good relationships.

10. You can also not end up dating any of your guy friends, which is great too.
Because it's good to know that a guy and a girl can be really good friends without strings attached. It's just rare and comforting that not everything is about dating or sex. And being close to each other for nothing but friendshipPlatonic love and respectprobably means that that's going to be for life. And we all need something like that.

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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