Desserts have this indescribable power to lift our spirits. Admit it--we all had at least one bad day made more bearable because of an instant sugar rush. Each yummy piece is just like edible magic, and creating those for a living seems like a dream that's too good to be true.

But have you ever wondered how is it like to work in the kitchen and make desserts for a living? Did you ever pause to think about where do all the pastry chefs get their ideas for their creations? Where do they get their inspirations? How exactly are they able to create eye candy (literally) that taste just as good as they look? In order for us to get the answers to these questions (among other things), we headed to the Peninsula Manila to chat with the hotel's assistant pastry chef Annalyn Solano, who gamely shared her experiences in the kitchen. Take a look at the gallery below for her answers and a sampling of her baked treats!

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