It seems that in the past few years, few laws have sparked as much cultural and political controversy as the proposed Reproductive Health Bill, or RH Bill for short. Although it covers such issues as maternal health, sex education, and the provision of adequate health care services for women, most people know it for its stand to make modern methods of family planning (and the knowledge to use these correctly) available to all.

In the past, FN has published articles on both the RH Bill and the issue of contraception, but we wanted to know: what do others think about this issue? We've seen support for it emerge increasingly over the past few years, but why do people support it as strongly as they have? We asked 15 people from various walks of life, all of whom are staunch supporters of the RH Bill, for their reasons.

Read on to learn why Lea Salonga, Angel Locsin, and more are supporting the passage of the RH Bill.

But FN wants to hear from you, its readers! Leave a comment below to share your own reasons for supporting (or not supporting) this controversial bill.

For more on this and similar topics, check out the articles linked below:

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