Going green is more than just a gimmick these days. Increasingly, it’s becoming recognized as a necessity. However, to be successfully eco-friendly at home, work, and in any other areas of your life, you’ll need to understand why these environmentally friendly measures are in place. Otherwise, what you don’t know could be doing more harm to the environment than good.

Green living is a lifestyle choice—when you commit to going green, it’s like resolving to become more healthy. That means that you take things step by step and the decisions you make will affect most, if not all, areas of your life. And, like all other changes in lifestyle, the “greenness” of your life is a work in progress that is helped along when you have someone to support and guide you through the changes.

FN would like to do just that, and we’ve already started with some eco-friendly tips and articles for you, such as:
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Today, though, we’re taking some time out to talk about some of the top environmental issues that affect our daily lives. You may already have heard of some, and maybe you’re familiar with others, but there’s always more to learn, so we hope you’ll take the time to go through the slide show below.

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