It was just recently reported that Chiz Escudero and Heart’s parents have reconciled. Now, there are speculations that a second Ongpauco-Escudero wedding will be happening soon with the actress’ parents present. According to, Heart posted a photo of her and her husband with the caption, "All I can say is…I can’t wait." While lots of her fans assumed she might be pregnant the actress clarified that she and Senator Chiz plan to have a baby next year.

This man had the perfect response to an offensive tweet!
Meninist Tweet, a Twitter account that's counter-feminist, posts offensive tweets and uses people’s personal photos without their permission. In this one tweet, the account posted a photo of Adam Harris crying, while watching wife Tisa go down the stairs. The caption said, "He's thinking about all the side hoes he has to give up" Harris, 23, then responded by re-tweeting it with the phrase, "Or I was thinking about my wife, but you know, do you." His answer has gained positive feedback and has been re-tweeted over 70,000 times. What a classy response!

This is what happens when you date your best friend!
Every errand is a date when you’re dating your best friend. Watch the cute video below!
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PHOTOS: Twitter (@MeninistTweet), (@AdamHSays); Instagram (@abtkurniawan)

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