The New Year may already be over, but the festivities aren’t exactly done yet until we all celebrate Chinese New Year next month. It’s a much-awaited celebration because we'll be ushering in the Year of the Fire Monkey, which feng shui expert Marites Allen says is abundant with opportunities. Just how will your animal sign fare come February 8? Find out below:

It will be a year full of opportunities for those born under the year of the Monkey. If last year were challenging, 2016 will be all about making wealth and great luck all throughout! Counter the bad luck of the year by showing goodwill to others around you.

It will be a very encouraging year for the Rat born people. Strength and vitality is the main focus even when there is possible jealousy and politicking to happen. Be careful of being cheated or robbed by others.

Strong chances of success in the Year of the Fire Monkey is possible for the Ox born, despite the weak energies surrounding this animal sign. To ensure good luck throughout the year, counter the negative vibe through charity work and doing good to others.

The Sheep born should be excited with the tremendous amount of opportunities that will come their way this year. Make sure to act fast and grab them as they come along since they won’t last long and you will lose some very good chances. Take good care of your health this year as the stars in your sign indicate possible illness.

The Snake born people will have a difficult time on the Year of the Fire Monkey. Sickness and possible accidents may arise and there is also a possibility of being robbed and cheated by the people you trust. On the upside, love luck this year is excellent so nourish your relationships as much as possible!

The Dog born people will get their good luck this year from their allies. You can look forward to both small and big successes throughout the year. There will be some challenges as well, but nothing that you can’t handle.

The Boar will have incredible luck some time this year. Wealth luck will be great but do beware of jealous people around you. Double the good luck coming your way by helping and being kind to others who ask you for help.

Those born under the year of the Dragon will be in for quite a challenging yet fruitful year ahead. With a little bit of patience and perseverance, success will be available to you in big and small packages. Health is a big factor to consider though as you might be hindered by sickness quite frequently this year.

The Rooster people can look forward to many positive things that can happen to them this year. There are opportunities to travel throughout the year and a possible new love is in sight! Wealth luck is also positive and this is because of auspicious stars in your sign.

Rabbit people can expect good things to happen this year. Your creativity is at its peak so make use of it by building and creating things that will help generate income. Remember that only you can make it happen so believe in yourself!

The Tiger born will have a challenging year especially when it comes to their health. There are several negative forces that affect the Tiger’s chart this year testing one’s resolve and bring discomfort throughout 2016. Counter the bad luck with goodwill towards others.

Your confidence is at an all time high in the Year of the Fire Monkey. Be careful not to get too cocky though as this might prove to be reason for you to make wrong decisions and moves that may cause you to lose your good reputation in the long run. Focus on taking care of your health as the stars in your chart indicate illness throughout the year.


PHOTO: Pixabay, Flickr Creative Commons/Adriaan Westra

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