It’s true; there’s no such thing as forever. The world suddenly shifts just when you think you’ve got it made, and you’re left to accept things as they are and adjust yet again. There’s really no other choice. Life must go on.

It may sound like a lazy surrender—when the time comes that the rug is pulled from under your feet, it will feel like it—but it’s important to know which causes to rally behind and which changes to accept—especially when they're caused by something that’s bigger than you and your wants. Whether you’re faced with the ending of a relationship, a career, or a certain lifestyle, remember that some things happen because they need to, and not because the Universe is somehow screwing you over.

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Sure, you can rage all you want. You can rant and call out how unfair things have turned out to be. You did your best, right? You tried to salvage your relationship. You worked hard for your company. You pushed yourself to keep things at home going. But sometimes, the effort is just part of the entire story. After all’s been said and done, you’ll look back and think that it needed doing.

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When the show is done and curtain call comes, you must remember to give your bow, and exit with grace.

Endings won’t often be a happy affair, but endings are needed for new beginnings. Yes, it sounds cheesy and cliché, but that’s just the way things are. It will take time to convince yourself that some things are meant to end, but that doesn’t mean defeat. Defeat is a great deal different from acceptance. What you do is to let the experience teach you because really, endings offer so many lessons that can help you with what comes next.


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So to those who feel that an era in their lives is about to end, I say this: End that part of your story strong. Jump right into it, soak in it, and own it. Experience the myriad of emotions that it has to offer. Let it teach you and strengthen you, because in one way or the other, you’ll be better for it.

As Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

So chin up, girl. The best is yet to come.

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