1. 30 but still 3
You’ve been alive three decades and yet your older sibs (and parents) still see you as that clingy little girl who had nothing much to contribute. Which sucks because then no one ever listens to what you have to say.

2. You got away with murder.
Because you were soooo cute. And even in adulthood, everyone got stuck thinking that you were still the adorable little sis that "just didn’t know better." People are so used to your antics that they simply chalked it up to bunso hits.

3. Life, perfected.

You’ve watched your older siblings ace life stuff as well as make a mess out of things. By the time it’s your turn to go through these things, you know better. You know how to do things the right way.

4. You get what you want.
All you have to do is pout a little and shed a few tears and voila! Wish granted. You don’t really have to do much to get what you want. Years and years of cuddling up to mom and dad and making lambing goes a long way.

5. Second hand luuurve
You may get what you want, but this also goes for things you don’t. Your siblings had soooo much stuff that you kind of never ran out of hand-me-down stuff to wear or own.

6. Youre the butt of all jokes.
You may be totally grown up, but those childhood taunts still keep coming your way. Because the youngest is the best sibling to make fun of. But that’s okay, because this has helped hone your sense of humor.

7. You’re the center of attention.

Your parents knew you were the last and wanted to get the most out of every moment, so everything was documented. The parentals fussed over you non-stop and while the older sibs were busy with other "grown-up kid things," you lavished in the attention from moms and pops.

8. Chillin’ like a villain

You’ve seen ate and kuya make a mess out of things and still come out in one piece. Not only do you know how to handle similar situations that life throws your way, you also know that no one’s ever died from a failed class, a heartbreak, or a missed curfew so you tend to be more chill about things and go with the flow.

9. Everyone is at your beck and call.

You’ve got this amazing ability to get people to do things for you. Maybe because you’ve had siblings looking after you all your life and you give off a bunso vibe that instantly makes people want to give you a hand. Struggling to open a jar of something? Your colleague will automatically reach over to help you out. Having trouble fixing a broken gadget? Your friend will come to the rescue.

PHOTO: Instagram @cathygonzaga; GIFs: Giphy

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