First of all, let’s define what a #humblebrag is. It’s a term coined by comedian Harris Wittels that is used to describe bragging in general, but usually disguised with humility. Say, when you have to tweet about your trip to Paris only to complain about the 16-hour flight, or when you #foodstagram an outrageously priced gourmet dish but with a caption that reads, "Sigh! Diet ruined."

It’s basically a millennial’s way of praising himself or announcing to the world how great his life is. And unless you’ve been living under a rock with no access to Facebook or Instagram, then we’re pretty sure you’ve come across a humblebrag post or two. In fact, you might have even posted one yourself! Below, we cite the most common types of humblebrags online.

1. The Perfect Boyfriend


"Awww, look at all these gifts! My baby surprised me with Ladurée macarons and my favorite red roses for our second monthsary. #sweetestboyfriendever"

Fine, you’re in a relationship and everything to you looks like the moon and the stars right now. But unless your name is Kate Middleton, there’s no use trying to convince everyone that you have a prince charming on a relationship status with you on Facebook.


 2. The Unworthy Selfie

"My cheeks are so fat. #FML"

If you honestly feel that it’s such a bad photo of yourself, then why post it online? There’s nothing wrong with taking selfies, but fishing for compliments? Not so cute.

3. The Foodie on a Diet

"My friend asked me to have dinner at this new fancy restaurant in Burgos Circle and I just couldn’t say no. Gosh, it totally put my 7-day detox plan to waste!"

This also usually comes with a flawlessly styled #foodstagram. Enough said.


4. The Constant Traveler

"This Tokyo trip is starting to get boring. Been here so many times already and there’s nothing much left to see. Ugh, I knew I should’ve just spent the summer at The Hamptons!"

We get it—you’ve been there and done that. Just take a photo of all your passport stamps and let’s be done with it.


5. The Party Animal

"Went to this really epic party last weekend with booze everywhere and I’m still SO hung over!"

Trust us, it doesn't sound as cool as it is in your head.

6. The Self-Proclaimed Shopaholic

So torn between Louboutin and Blahnik! Trying to stop myself, but I think I might end up buying a new pair from both instead. Sigh."

That’s a really big problem you have, but it’s fortunately not as big of an issue as world hunger or poverty in general—so maybe keep these thoughts to yourself next time? Great, thanks.


7. The Self-Proclaimed Workaholic

"I’m so swamped with work right now that I had to miss the Maroon 5 concert last night. Incredibly stressed with this big presentation I need to prepare for! #withgreatpowercomesgreatresponsibility"

It’s funny that you’re so busy but you still had time to tweet and even update your Facebook status.


8. The Good Samaritan

"Saw an old lady trying to cross the street today. Without second thoughts, I immediately helped her out. #feelsgreat"

Nice! Do you need a medal or something?

Have you come across any of these #humblebrag posts online, or perhaps noticed others that we might have missed? Share them with us on the comment box below!

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