1. You were ambitious at a very young age.
When you wanted something, you had to go get it head on. Whether it was being the best in class or landing that dream job, your drive to achieve the goal in mind is next to unstoppable.

2. You were told never to rely on a man.
You live your life on your own terms even if you did have a partner. Your dreams and ambitions are still intact regardless of your relationship status.


3. You're not rushing to get married.
Finding Mr. Right and having that dream wedding were never your #LifeGoals. Sure, it’d be wonderful to settle down with someone, but there’s more to life than being a future Mrs. X.

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4. You tend to be stubborn.
You’ve been told this by friends, exes, and family alike. Sometimes you get too caught up in your beliefs and wants in life that you disregard what other people think and feel.

5. You’re fickle when it comes to men.
You either are too career-driven that you have no time to entertain a male prospect, or most of them don’t live up to your standards. That is, someone who could keep up with you.

6. Sometimes it’s hard to get to know you.
You’ve become too guarded that you tend to only want to show your tough exterior–when in truth, you have your moments of weakness, you don’t have all your shit together, and you aren’t perfect.


7. You are your own woman.
You don't fit the mold of what society expects you to be. Yeah, it's hard for some people to deal with a strong woman like you, but you do so anyway. You had the best female figures to teach you this super important quality. You don't change who you are for anyone else, 'cause you are YOU.

From: cosmo.ph

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