While getting behind the wheel of an automobile may seem daunting at first, the task of piloting a four-wheeled vehicle gets more enjoyable through time. Like riding a bicycle, it gives you a sense of freedom and of being in control. No wonder most men love rowing gears and being in charge of a car. But because it's the 21st century, more and more women are enjoying driving, too. Have your own auto? We bet you can relate to the following:


1. A neat bun or a high ponytail can get in the way while driving.
With hair pulled back away from our faces, it seems like the perfect 'do as we focus on the road. However, the tidy bun always hits the headrest when you look at the side mirrors.
"Ugh, I spent an hour blowdrying and putting this together," you tell yourself as you glance at your reflection in the rearview mirror. But you know safety is top priority, and your locks need to compromise. At the next stoplight, you pull out each hairpin to let your hair loose. Now you look like you just stepped out of bed. Which brings us to…

2. Dark tints are a wise investment for reasons other than security.
Your dad insisted you get this tint for his peace of mind. No crook would know you're alone inside the car, he pointed out. Well, this security feature doesn't just keep you safe from prying eyes, it also gives you privacy when you need it the most. You especially appreciate it, too, when you haven't combed your hair as you hurry to work.
There are times, though, when you wish the outside world can see you. Case in point: You're wearing the perfect cateye and you spot a cute guy behind the wheel of a badass muscle car stuck in traffic beside you, but he can't see you. He probably thinks you're a fellow dude. That's okay. I'll take this route again tomorrow.

3. Having an extra pair of flats (and flip-flops) in the car is a must.
Donning your power suit without your favorite pair of high heels is like eating taho without the sweet syrup. They should coexist! So when you're dressed to kill, your flats should be available in the passenger seat area, ready for driving duties. And after a long day at work, your power heels rest in the trunk and your flip-flops become your feet's source of comfort. Once it's time to hit the road again, it's your flats' turn to do some work on the pedals.

4. Everybody on the road is an idiot at least once a month.
One day, you just start craving for anything and everything savory (or sweet). The next day, you start a quarrel with your significant other. On the third day, you think everyone sharing the road with you is an idiot. You wish you're driving a monster truck big enough to crush the tailgating car behind you. #hormones

5. Your manicure can brighten someone else's day.
If it's not your hair you're obsessing about, it's your nails that get the attention. Even a sloppy nail-stamping project can brighten a female parking attendant's day. Upon giving her your card, she takes notice and when you hand her your payment, she says with a smile that your nails are pretty. It feels good to get a compliment, but it feels even better when you made a stranger smile. Spread the good vibes!

6. Men will always offer to help.
Got a flat tire? No problem! You can change it in a snap. But when you pull over a safe spot to perform troubleshooting, the male species somehow assume that you need them. As you prepare your tools, male volunteers approach you and before you know it, SEVEN men are changing ONE flat tire. You're no damsel in distress and you're pretty buffed yourself (logging in six hours at the gym last week), but you're not complaining either. Ah, the perks of being a woman!

PHOTO: Mixi Ignacio; GIFs: Giphy

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