It’s like the movie 13 going on 30–only backwards. According to Elle, Naomi Jacobs woke up one morning thinking she was a 15-year old teen and didn't even recognize her 11-year old son. "My last memory was falling asleep the night before in my bunk bed with my sister," she said. "Everything from fear to joy to seeing this child that I didn't have any memory of giving birth to but knew undoubtedly that he was mine because he looked so much like me. [And] the terror of having responsibility for this small child."

Aside from being shocked that she had a son, Jacobs was also surprised with the latest technology around her, saying she had no idea what a smart phone is. "The last time I saw a mobile phone was when it was a size of a house brick…"

So what actually happened? Naomi's condition, which lasted for six weeks, was a bout of dissociative amnesiaa kind of acute memory loss that is said to be brought on by extreme stress. Jacobs shares more details about this event in her book Forgotten Girl: A powerful true story of amnesia, secrets and second chances.

But the whole incident wasn’t so bad. "At the age of 15, you imagine what you're going to be at the age of 32, and to wake up 17 years later and see that your life and the world hasn't quite turned out the way you expected to.... But seeing it again through my 15-year-old eyes gave me a new and fresh perspective to make the changes to ensure that it wouldn't happen again, and to improve my quality of life."

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