They say if you've got it, flaunt it, but though it may seem like a good thing to have those child-bearing hips that men supposedly find attractive, there will always be challenges when you've got a voluptuous body. Scroll down below and see if you can relate to these #CurvyGirl problems.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans
You know, when it perfectly fits your hips but loose around the waist. *Sighs*

"One size fits all" doesn’t apply to you
Lies. Not everyone has perfect physical proportions, people!

Two words: Online shopping
You're bound to buy two items, one that looks like it’ll fit you and one in a size you know will fit you.

Buying your bikini top and bottom separately
just because your cup C bust doesn’t match your 38-waistline.

Hitting table corners

As much as you try to avoid table corners, you manage to hit it, all the d*mn time.

Getting unwanted "compliments" about "dat ass"

…from men and women. As much as you want to take it as a compliment, you can’t help but notice the bastos-slash-judgemental factor behind it.

Wearing plunging necklines
…without looking like a hubadera.


Spanx can be your best friend and enemy at the same time.
It gives you a smooth-looking finish but you can barely breathe. #TiisGanda

You barely wear push-up bras.

…because not wearing one already makes you look too sexy!

Cute shorts are a no-no.

…because there’s just no way your hips and butt are going to fit in those high-waist shorts from H&M.

Squeezing in your hips when you ride public transportation
You can never be the last one to get on. NEVER.

Short dresses are shorter on you.
…just because you’re gifted in the butt department.

Getting into your jeans can be considered a morning workout
Jumping, wiggling, and squiggling are essential moves. Who needs jump ropes?

Bouncing. Bouncing everywhere.

Body-hugging dresses
…and your mom tells you in the most subtle way that you look like a suman. #Ouch

No to strapless bras
…unless you want them sliding off without your consent, and before you know it, you have to deal with a serious wardrobe malfunction. Yikes!
You go, Khloe!

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