1. Your friends can quickly find you in a crowd.

All they have to do is scan the horizon until they see your floating head.

2. Hearing that you’re tall kind of gets old REAL fast.

“Yes. I know I’m tall. I think I would’ve figured that one out already.” And not knowing what to say to “You’re so tall.” Because you’re not sure if “Uhhhm, thaaaanks????” is appropriate.

3. You can easily reach things in high places without needing a ladder, which is pret-ty cool.

4. Being asked how tall you are.

You might as well just wear a sign on your shirt so that you don’t sound like a broken record.

5. People think twice before bullying you or picking on you.
Just because you could squash them with one step.

6. Parating bitin ang pants.

Thank goodness for skinnies and ankle jeans. Because now, bitin is in. Que horror were the days when floor-grazing jeans were trending. Now what to do with those too-short long-sleeves.

7. When you were younger, people thought you were older than you actually were.
Which, at that age, was pretty awesome because let’s face it–you and your peers were in a hurry to grow up.

8. You find a cute dress that is to-die-for, only to try it on and find that on you, it’s a shirt.
...Or how about trying to don a maxi dress that doesn’t actually touch the floor?

9. High: You can see the stage in a crowd
Which means you can ogle at your favorite celebrity singer at a concert without having to crane your neck.

10. People telling you what to do. Like not to wear heels.

“Bakit ka pa nag hee-heels, ang tangkad tangkad mo na?” and struggling to give a polite answer when your thought bubble is really screaming, “Eh gusto ko eh! Bakit ba?”

11. There’s more space for food to go, so you can chow down twice as much.

12. Walking down the street and hearing the men whisper, “Tangkad mo miss!”
And you refraining from retorting, “Hindi, maliit ka lang.”

13. If you’re walking somewhere, you get to your destination with less effort because your stride is humongous.

14. Accidentally seeing all the women peeing when you walk into a bathroom with stalls that have small doors.

And quickly averting your eyes before you get labeled a perv.

15. People think you’re a model just because you’re tall.

PHOTO: @kendalljenner; GIFs: Giphy

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