No, we don’t mean taking taxis, but actually roughing it through jeepney, tricycle, train and bus rides. You’re a hardcore commuter if you can relate to these:

You find yourself in a posh mall like Rockwell and still protectively hold your bag in front of your body.
You’re so used to being in fear of thieves that you take the habit wherever you go. This writer once went to Singapore and couldn’t stop giving her bag a death grip. Finally, one of the guards asked why she looked so worried and why she was holding her bag so protectively close to her body.

You keep your stylish heels in a separate bag or at the office and commute to work in comfy flats.

Because it’s no joke to walk several blocks in pumps. Nor is it an easy feat to balance in standing-room only buses and trains.

You carry an umbrella wherever you go, regardless of the season.
You also tote portable rain boots. Because you’ve been stranded before and it’s not fun having to wade in the flood.

You have a coin purse that is different from your actual wallet.
To keep your treasures out of thieves’ sight. Oh and you save your loose change for your trips so that you can give the exact fare as much as you can.

You have a dummy phone.

So that in case you get held up (God forbid), you can easily offer the cheap phone.

You plan your outfits according to what you’ll be riding.
There are certain kinds of skirts that are tricycle and jeepney-friendly. Wear the wrong cut and you’ll flash your co-commuters when you hurdle the high jeepney step. Get caught in a trike in a micro mini and the whole world will know what color your undies are.

You know exactly which side the MRT doors open per stop.
"I have to be near the door for an easy 'escape', you know!"

You have an internal alarm clock and can snap out of your power nap right when you’re at your stop.
Just like magic.

Daydreaming is your fave commuting activity.

What else are you going to do with all that time? Unless you’re on the MRT, you can’t browse through social media lest your phone be snatched, so the next best thing is to bask in your thoughts.

You’ve become an honorary penguin.
From countless penguin waddles you've had to do while trying to get into the packed MRT.

Your heartbeat races every time a train comes into view because you’re anticipating if this is the train you’ll actually be able to get on.
Because 10 trains have already passed. The line is THAT long.

You’ve acquired a new sport–surfing.

From all those hours of trying not to get hurled to the other end of the vehicle when it’s SRO (standing room only).

You can also now join a basketball team from all the box outs you have to do to actually get in the MRT door.

You’ve mastered the art of breathing through your mouth.
Because someone else’s armpits have been in your face too many times.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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