While having long, luscious locks seems to be a good thing, it also has its disadvantages. Are you one of those girls gifted with uh... lots of hair? Scroll down and see if you can relate to these #ThickHairProblems!

Buying two boxes of hair dye
One box is NEVER enough–especially if you have thick AND long hair. #SoGastos

Waking up early to style your hair

You and your friends planned to meet up at 10 a.m. which means you need to get up at 6 a.m. to tame your mane.

A bottle of shampoo/conditioner can only last you for so long.

…depending on how many times you take a shower.

You always carry elastics with you
…because your bands keep snapping, and snapping, AND snapping.

Straightening your hair is a nightmare.

"Oh, yes, I work out by using a flat iron on my hair." *flexes arm muscles*

You leave strands of hair everywhere.
On the passenger seat, on the floor, on your friend’s clothes–basically EVERYWHERE.

Blow drying your hair takes forever

You use a blow dryer and sit in front of the fan hoping it’ll dry your hair faster.

Getting a pixie cut is a big no-no
…unless you want to achieve an afro

You sweat more than others.
More hair = more sweat. Thanks, summer!

Having to fix your hair every d*mn time

…and you don’t even bother to do a high ponytail because you know it will just sag.

You feel like sinking while swimming.
Wet hair = weights = neck muscles.

You hate windy days
…because you can barely see a thing when the wind blows your hair up on your face.

Hair treatments can cost you A LOT of money.

And we mean a LOT. #MoreGastos

You have limited salon options.
"Layered na naman. " But you would rather have that than tita hair.

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