1. Partying like you’ve just turned 18.
While there’s nothing wrong with having a night out with your friends, always remember that you’re no longer a teen, and you need to practice responsible drinking. You don’t want to get photographed wasted, right?


2. Staying in toxic romantic relationships.
Girl, you know you deserve better, yet you settle for someone who doesn’t even know how to prioritize you and the relationship? Wake up right now and decide whether you want to be miserably taken or happily single–the choice is always yours.

3. Trying to please the people around you.
You don’t answer to anyone, and it’s not your obligation to get everyone’s approval. People have different personalities, and it will be impossible to satisfy the needs and wants of every single individual. Just be you!

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4. Keeping ‘negative’ friends.
Sometimes, if a person is toxic and exhausting, you have to re-evaluate the friendship. Choose your friends wisely, and stick with those who you think will help you become a better person.

5. Spending your money on unnecessary things.
Some women tend to justify their spending by blurring the line between a ‘want’ and a ‘need.’ If you have future plans of travelling, setting up a business, or settling down, then you have to get serious with how you manage your finances.


6. Being a ‘yes’ woman.
Although it may prevent arguments, agreeing with everything and everyone is unhealthy. You start to lose your voice, and will become afraid of what other people will always think. Stand your ground on what you think is right. Have conviction and be proud of it!

7. Pulling an all-nighter.
When you’re sleep deprived, it affects how you’ll go about for the day. This can make you moody, unproductive, and unfocused. In the long run, you may develop serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.


8. Living on fast food.
We know that cooking can be tedious, but eating something you made by yourself is rewarding and fulfilling! Plus, consuming junk food regularly can be bad for your health. If you’re reluctant to whip up a full-course meal, start with these simple dishes.

9. Giving up when things don’t go as planned.
There’s this saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” so instead of raising the white flag when you’re faced with obstacles, take it as a challenge and face then head on!


10. Disregarding your physical, emotional, and mental health.
There are women who are not afraid of seeking help for their conditions, but there are some who are ashamed to talk about their inner struggles. It’s time to conquer your fears and take care of yourself. See a doctor, and refrain from getting diagnosis from Dr. Google.

11. Making excuses.
In life, you will always be faced with difficulties you thought were unattainable, but rather than making up lame excuses on why you can’t deliver, focus on the end goal. Rethink why you were even doing it in the first place and make that as your inspiration to do better. Life will keep on throwing hurdles at you, and you have to rise above the storm—not for anyone else, but YOURSELF.


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