As a girl who studied in a (former) all-boys school, it’s only normal to have a lot of guy friends in my barkada. Some, however, think otherwise. Whenever we would hang out, I would get long stares from strangers and see them whisper among themselves. Can relate? Here, a few odd notions people have when they meet a woman with a lot of male buddies.

"She burps and farts anytime she wants."


Just because we hang out with guys doesn't mean you should classify us into a stereotype (for the record, you shouldn't classify men into this stereotype either). P.S. If either of the two ever happened in public, it was never intentional. Never.

"She’s good at video games."
We can be but that doesn’t mean that we can’t cook, too.

"She’s a tomboy."

What about the guy with a lot of female friends?

"She doesn’t know how to dress up."
You might see us sporting the jeans-and-shirt combo most of the time, but we know how to put on makeup and a nice dress (if ever there’s an occasion).

"She has the appetite of a man."

This may be true… sometimes.

"She has dated at least one guy from the bunch."
We try not to fall for any of our friends because it’s just plain awkward if things don’t work out.

"…or all of them."
Being with them most of the time gave us the chance to know who them for who they really are. Either we’ll look for someone like them or completely avoid their type.

"She’s a flirt."

These guys are my FRIENDS. If you see us being touchy with each other, it’s because of the bonds we’ve formed–no malice whatsoever.

"She hates other women."
Just because we have a lot of male friends doesn't mean we dislike mingling with other girls.

"…or other women can’t stand being friends with her."
Women who have a lot of guy friends have girl buddies too–but probably fewer. There are just some people who enjoy the company of the opposite sex more.

"She’s a sl*t."
Having more guy friends doesn’t make anyone a wh*re. Ever. This just means that we’re more comfortable hanging out with guys and we shouldn’t be judged based on the people we choose to be friends with.

SCREENCAP: New Girl/20th Television; GIFs: Giphy

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