Yes, we know that stress eating isn't really something we should do. But let's face it--most of us do it anyway, especially when we're feeling down. And, with modern conveniences like refrigerators, all-night groceries, and 24/7 fast food joints, it's only gotten easier to become an emotional eater.

But what's your comfort food of choice? Do you go for greasy fries when you've got a deadline coming on? Ice cream or cookies when you've just had a crying jag? Chocolate when you need a quick pick-me-up? Designer coffee when you know the day ahead is going to be a tough one?

Perhaps comfort food, for you, isn't about arming up for or recovering from a setback or bad day. Perhaps it's about triggering memories through flavor: your lola's sinigang or your mother's lasagna, for example, might bring you back to those childhood meals at the family table. Perhaps the flavor of an orange popsicle transports you to sticky hot summer days that were nevertheless the happiest in your life.

When it comes to comfort food, we pick our poisons, as they say. So FN wants to know:

What's your favorite comfort food?

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