Merriam-Webster defines a foodie as “a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads.” But with “happy” affixed before it, it gets more exciting and finds itself a whole new, fuller meaning.

Let’s put it this way: if you love food, you’re a food lover-slash-foodie. But when you love food and always enjoy eating with a Coke, then you become a happy foodie. And what does a happy foodie know that “normal eaters” most probably don’t? She knows that there’s nothing else that excites her palate every time and give her a fully satisfying eating experience besides a cold, sweating glass of Coke.

Most, if not all, of us will agree it’s hard to think about Coca-Cola without associating words like “open happiness”, “delicious soda taste” and “refreshing fizz.” In fact, those are three of the best things you get every time we pop open a Coke bottle. We unleash that energizing spirit that makes our gastronomical adventures extra special and undeniably happier. And don’t forget that it also has a unique way of bringing out the food’s true flavor.

Our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, barkadas, titas and titos, even our lolos and lolas can all attest to this. The grandest celebrations and most especially the simplest everyday food moments are best enjoyed with nothing less than a Coke.

Without doubt, you, me and every food-loving Pinoy are certified happy foodies. But do you know what type of happy foodies are out there? It’s time to find out!

coke_features_happy_foodie_types_mom_mealgician.jpgTHE MOM MEALGICIANS

It’s easy to spot a mom mealgician. You can either catch them wearing those checkered aprons or their favorite florals, gracefully waving their shiny spatulas and stirring their magic pots filled with delectable dishes that never fail to hypnotize.  They have magic words such as adobo, afritada, sinigang, and they know your cravings before you can even name them. They’re happiest when they see the whole family bonded for a meal they have specially prepared with love. Their secret “potion” for those everyday happy kainan feasts? The refreshing Coke Litro or 1.5L or 2L Coke stocked neatly in the fridge.


One thing you have to understand about the chow-stoppers is that they are impulsive folks. Anytime is Coke and food time! And yes, they make the most of it. They are masters of grab-and-gos. Instant refreshment whenever and wherever possible is their thing. That’s the very reason why they keep a five-peso coin handy for the thirst-quenching goodness of Coke Sakto and a few more bucks for some fish balls, fries, or burger. And those with bigger thirsts? Well, they go for either the 8 oz. or 12 oz. Coke. They personify the expression “masarap kumain” to the teeth, so good you would want to dig in!

coke_features_happy_foodie_types_b3s.jpgTHE B3S (BIG BITE BURPERS)

No, this isn’t the K-pop group that will trample all Wonder Girls, 2NE1, and Super Juniors of the Asian music biz. They are the gangs that are out there to conquer one yummy food scene at a time. That’s their business! These barkadahans, regardless of interests and trips, have the biggest appetites, and they’re never satisfied until they get a good bite capped with a large icy gulp of their favorite Coke.


You see them everywhere scurrying all over the city, beating red lights and chasing deadlines and well, making it happen. These are the corporate superheroes who live life on the fast lane. They eat faster than a speeding bullet and often have very little time to chill and have undisturbed lunches but they never compromise! For them, every meal should be a happy meal. Lucky for these busy bees, there’s the Coke 500ML grip to energize their bodies, relieve their stress and spice up their five-minute meals.

coke_features_happy_foodie_types_sassy_snacker.jpgTHE SASSY SNACKERS

They are the fashionistas and metrosexuals of our time. And of course, they like eating in style! What better accessory to have during mealtimes than a can of that sparkling beverage that makes every spoonful tastier and worth indulging in? It doesn’t matter if they go Indian, Greek, French, Italian or Filipino for the day. What’s important for these gourmets is that they have a fab and full happy silverware soiree at all times.

Are you a happy foodie? If so, what’s your best “happy foodie” moment? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment!

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