“Nakakapagod maghintay.” This hugot line holds true for the heartbroken as well as for all of us who wait in line in MRT stations, billing offices, and other places almost on a daily basis. In fact, a study featured on Vamshare has revealed that we wait in queue for an average of three days in a year and six months in a lifetime. How’s that for putting things in perspective?

Being on your feet as the minutes tick into hours is seriously something you need to prepare for. Your bag of tricks should include things like a book, wet tissue, a change of shirt, a bottle of water, and of course, food. No need to open your lunch baon, though, as we’ve collated snacks that you can easily munch on while waiting in line.

1. Peanuts
Peanut vendors are everywhere (even in the middle of the high way), so if you grab a bag before falling in line, you’re pretty much good to go. Peanuts are low in carbs and high in protein, which help in the proper rebuilding of your muscles and tissues that are probably exhausted from all that waiting.

2. Bread Sticks

Plain bread sticks may not be as tasty as you would hope them to be, but they definitely do the trick of keeping your tummy from grumbling. This snack is also pretty low on saturated fat, so you won’t need to worry about continuously munching on them.

3. Vegetable Sticks
If you’re really into being healthy, nothing beats a good helping of vegetable sticks. The most common are carrot and celery, but you can also go with root crops such as singkamas.

4. Crackers

The poster child of quick snacks, crackers have saved a lot of us from hunger pangs. If you consume more than two packs, it’s best that you drink lots of water, as some crackers are pretty salty.

5. Cream-filled sandwich cookies

Here’s another baon­ favorite. Cream-filled sandwich cookies give you the amount of sugar that you need when you seem to have been waiting forever. Oreo cookies are probably the most famous of them all, not to mention the yummiest. Offer an Oreo to a person in line with you, and who knows? You might just gain a friend.

6. Raisins

Not everyone likes raisins, but you’ve got to admit that they do become addictive when you keep on eating them. They’re also good for fighting off anemia, so if natuyuan ka na ng dugo sa kahihintay, this is your best bet.

7. Banana chips

Banana chips are more filling than your regular potato chips, not to mention that they are jam-packed with fiber and iron. One bag is enough to see you through all the waiting.

8. Trail mix

A bag of trail mix has all the yummy and healthy goodness that you need when you’re stuck in a queue. It contains nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and chocolate that can give you the energy that you need. You can buy trail mixes from your local grocery, or you can opt to make your own.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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