If there's any proof that we Filipinos have come to embrace Korean culture with our arms wide open, it's in the accessibility of everything Korean-from dramas to makeup to food. With that, of course, comes kimchi. This traditional side dish is most often made with napa cabbage that's salted, seasoned, and allowed to ferment-and its decidedly pungent, spicy character has captured our hearts and stomachs. Here are a couple of stores that offer different kinds of kimchi and deliver them straight to your doorstep.


Check out these places for some of the tastiest kimchi in town:

Appa Kim PH

"Appa" means "dad"in Korean, and this local purveyor offers kimchi made with their own family recipe. Try the Baechu Kimchi (P190/500 grams) or traditional napa cabbage kimchi for a classic bite, or Oi Sobagi (P220/500 grams) a.k.a. stuffed cucumber kimchi that's typically enjoyed in the summer. You can order by sending them a message on Instagram, and pay via GCash or BDO bank deposit.

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For orders, send a message to Appa Kimchi PH on Instagram.

This Kimchi

This venture by Gochu-Gang's Chef Pat Go makes kimchi that's all-natural and lacto-fermented, using no fish sauce or salted fish, making it vegan-friendly. Choose from the Classic Vegan Spicy Kimchi (P120/250 grams, P200/500 grams, P390/one kilogram), which brings on the heat with a good, fermented tang; or the milder White Vegan Kimchi (P100/250 grams, P190/500 grams, P370/one kilogram). This Kimchi also makes Cucumber Kimchi (P130/250 grams, P230/500 grams, P420/one kilogram), Radish Kimchi (P130/250 grams, P230/500 grams, P420/one kilogram), and Bok Choy Kimchi (P140/250 grams, P250/500 grams, P450/one kilogram). You can send a message to their Facebook or Instagram pages to order.


For orders, send a message to This Kimchi's Facebook or Instagram pages.

Sachi Kimchi

Sachi Kimchi offers Kimchi (P180/300 grams, P300/500 grams, P600/one kilogram) made with fresh cabbage that they clean piece by piece before mixing in their "secret kimchi paste" and allowing the mixture to ferment. You can send them a message on Instagram to order and settle your payment via GCash or BPI bank transfer.


For orders, send a message to Sachi Kimchi on Instagram.


L'Shef makes Korean Kimchi (P125/8 ounces) that's just on the right side of spicy with a distinct fermented note. What's especially great is that L'Shef donates a portion of their sales to local farmers and fisherfolk, so you get to enjoy kimchi and help out those in need. You can order their kimchi by finding them GrabFood, Lalafood, Zomato, or Meals.ph.


For orders, find L'Shef on GrabFood, Lalafood, Zomato, or Meals.ph. You can also visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Assi Fresh Plaza

This Korean grocery offers a variety of kimchi, from their homemade version (P145/500 grams, P215/800 grams) which is saucy and not too salty, to branded variants like the Jongga Fermented Kimchi (P280/500 grams) and the Jongga Yeolmoo Kimchi (P280/500 grams). You can find their branches on GrabMart and pay via GrabPay or cash on delivery.

For orders, find Assi Fresh Plaza on GrabMart.

Kimchi Go

If you like your kimchi with a balanced amount of heat and acidity, Kimchi Go's version (P85/250 grams, P150/500 grams) is for you. You can easily order by calling them at 0929-166-1040 or 0905-662-3718, or sending them a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can pay via GCash, Paypal, or Metrobank bank deposit. They also accept cash on delivery payments.


For orders, send Kimchi Go a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Hello Kimchi PH

Hello Kimchi uses only the freshest napa cabbage for their Homemade Cabbage Kimchi (P100/400 grams, P150/600 grams, P250/one kilo, P300/1.2 kilos, P475/two kilos). You can place your orders by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram and paying via GCash, cash on delivery, or BDO, Eastwest, or Unionbank bank transfer.


For orders, send Hello Kimchi PH a message through Facebook or Instagram.

Mama Kimchi

Mama Kimchi makes what they call "Filipino-style kimchi", a.k.a. kimchi that's deliberately sweeter with a good amount of heat. Get your fix by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram, and pay via BDO bank transfer. Their kimchi can last up to three to four weeks in the fridge, though you can keep it for longer if you prefer a tangier mix.


For orders, send a message to Mama Kimchi on Facebook or Instagram.

Ceci Korean Mart

Ceci is another Korean supermarket with a wide selection of kimchi offerings, like the Premium Homemade Cut Kimchi (P160/450 grams, P290/900 grams), Jonggajip Mat Kimchi (P218/380 grams, P255/500 grams), and Repacked Cut Kimchi (P60/150 grams, P135/450 grams, P250/900 grams). You can find them on GrabMart and pay through GrabPay or cash right as they arrive at your doorstep.

For orders, find Ceci Korean Mart on GrabMart.

Happy Foods Group

PHOTO BY Happy Foods Group

Happy Foods Group-the restaurant group behind Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Soban K-Town Grill and Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ-sells their homemade kimchi (P190/500 grams, P380/one kilogram). It comes in thick slices and has with a mild heat and just the right amount of pungency, making it a great gateway kimchi for beginners. You can order through their delivery website two days in advance. Note that there's an 8 p.m. cut-off daily (any orders beyond that will be processed the next day), and a minimum order of P400.

For orders, check out Happy Foods Group's delivery website.


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