For working, busy women, having the fuel to go about our day is important. With our hectic lifestyle, however, we are all guilty of little misses, like skipping a meal every now and then, or reaching out for coffee more than we should. Below are meal habits you probably don’t realize you’re doing that’s affecting your productivity.

1. Going overboard with coffee

Coffee is our go-to solution when we need an extra jolt, but did you know that having too many cups can also affect your productivity? According to a research by John Hopkins University, the crash in mood suffered by serial caffeine drinkers are actually a result of withdrawal, so these people have to take more cups to pick up their performance. The study also suggests that the feeling of euphoria experienced by coffee drinkers is the same as that experienced by non-coffee drinkers on a regular basis.

2. Skipping breakfast

Who isn’t guilty of foregoing breakfast just to get to work on time? Grabbing a meal in the morning can help move your body out of its energy-conserving state to its daytime state. Also, it doesn’t hurt to share a few minutes just sharing a meal with your family or loved ones. As Chef Martin Narisma puts it, “Breakfast is the most important part of the day. It reminds me of nutrition, comfort, and of course, family.”

3. Overeating at lunch

It comes natural to binge during lunch when you miss breakfast. Studies suggest, however, that indulging too much on portion sizes can actually cause a dip in productivity. The body uses energy to digest our meals, so the more you binge, the more your body uses up its fuel.

4. Checking work during meals

The next time you’re tempted to bring your phone to the table during meals, remind yourself to put it down. Not only does this make you less detached to socializing, you are also skipping the chance to give your brain a moment to refresh itself. Not to mention you don’t really notice how much you eat when you’re too focused on other things. 

5. Trusting takeout too much

It’s understandable if you have moments when you just want to curl up on your couch with your favourite takeout after a long day, but it wouldn’t hurt if you can cook every now and then for yourself or your family. Focusing on other tasks, like cooking, can give you a mental break, and it is also a nice way to re-connect with people as well.

This is especially true for working mothers who have to juggle managing their family on top of their careers. Take for example Kris Aquino, who is known for being a hands-on mom and successful media personality. She shares about the struggle of managing work while making sure she is there for her sons. “I think if you’re a working mom, especially when you get home tired, [It's important that] you make the effort to cook for your kids, they never really forget that. Simple recipes are really delicious… especially because it comes from love.”

You can watch Kris’ episode "Breakfast for Dinner" by clicking here. You can also follow The Kris List on Youtube. 

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