People will go to great lengths for good coffee. Some, as we here at FN found out, would even go so far as to drive all the way to Makati from Quezon City just for that perfect cup. It sounds crazy, we know, but then again, considering the number of Woolloomoloo Instagram photos that have been popping up lately, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at all. Not sure what we’re talking about? Don’t worry. That’s exactly how we felt, too, until we found ourselves at the doorstep of Australia’s famous Toby’s Estate.

1. The coffee is served just right.
In other coffee shops, you’ll have to wait a minute or two before you can safely drink your beloved brew, but at Toby’s Estate, there’s no danger of burning yourself. Each cup is served at the perfect temperature, so you can immediately enjoy your Wolloomoloo or your Gibraltar.

2. Their food selections are nothing to sneeze at.
Most coffee shops subsist on the reputation of their coffee alone, but Toby’s Estate amps the ante with their famous buckies, their Chorizo and Egg Bun, and their Brouillé On Toast, just to name a few. It wouldn’t surprise us to find out that people are starting to drive to Toby’s Estate just for their food, too!

3. The ambience is both inviting and engaging.
For a coffee bar, Toby's Estate is refreshingly welcoming and not at all intimidating. You can go there to relax, be with your friends, or simply enjoy a bit of time by yourself. No wonder it also attracts some of the most interesting people. On some days, you see customers with the coolest tattoos running up their arm. On others, you see the most stylish trendsetters waiting for their Machiatto or their Espresso. Either way, Toby’s Estate has no problems drawing coffee lovers to its lair.

Toby's Estate is located at the 3/F Century City Mall and at the V Corporate Center, LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village.

(Photo from Toby's Estate's Instagram account)

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