There has been so much news about physical assault and sexual abuse of women, and it has sadly become increasingly frightening to commute alone especially when predators hide in plain sight. Even when you think that you’re in a safe place, anything can happen, which is why it’s better to be prepared when something does.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a well-rounded discipline that’s perfect for self-defense. It has its roots in Japanese Kodokan Judo, which focuses on ground fighting or grappling. 

Jiu-jitsu practioners Paolo dela Cuesta, Jan Yu, and Dex Togle from Fight Factory Manila – Fort Bonifacio have demonstrated a few Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques which you can use when you find yourself in a sticky situation. It’s good to note, though, that the best thing you can do is to get away from harm as fast as possible. The aim of these techniques is for you to be able to stun your attacker to give you enough time to run. If you can avoid engaging, do so, and only use these as a last resort.

Situation #1: Grabbed from behind


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1. Lock your hands in a gable grip (one hand parallel on top of the other), and lift your elbows to loosen his hold.
2. Spread your legs apart, bend your knees, and abruptly bow from your waist. Use your rear to push him back, and make sure that your waist is lower than his.
3. Bend low and with both hands, grab his foot from the space between your legs and pull. This will cause him to lose his balance and fall on his back.

Situation #2. Grabbed from behind with a hand over your mouth


1. Swing the arm nearest to your attacker through the space between you while simultaneously stepping behind him.
2. Put both your arms around his waist and lock your hands in a gable grip. Make sure that your waist is lower than his.
3. Squeeze your attacker’s waist tight, and throw him down. If he’s heavy, put your full weight on him and push him to the ground. As your waist is lower than his, your center of gravity is also lower, which will make it easier for you to do so.

Situation #3: Arm around your shoulders


1. Put one arm around your attacker’s waist.
2. Use your free hand to grasp on his wrist.
3. Take one step forward and press your hip to his body. Make sure your waist is lower than his.
4. Pivot your hip upward and use it as leverage to throw your attacker forward.

Situation #4: Attacker on top

Technique 1: Bump and Roll


1. Fold your knees up.
2. Forcefully thrust your hips. This will cause your attacker to lose balance and fall forward.
3. Hook one foot over one of your attacker’s legs.
4. Grasp his arm that’s on the same side of the leg you have hooked.
5. Using your legs and your hips, forcefully push him over to the side of the leg you have hooked.

Technique 2: Triangle Choke


1. Trap your opponent in a closed guard (legs wrapped around his torso with ankles locked together) and pull him close to you with your legs. The less space between the two of you, the easier for you to execute the choke.
2. Grasp one of his arms (if he’s trying to hit you, grab that arm) and pull one of your legs over it so that it’s resting on his shoulder.
3. Pull his other arm to your chest.
4. Place your other foot on his waist. Use this as leverage as you try to position perpendicularly under him.
5. As you kick against his waist, swing your leg over the other leg that’s already on his shoulder. Your legs should form a figure-four around his neck.
6. Pull his head down as you tighten the choke by squeezing with your legs.

Technique 3: Cross Choke


1. Similar to the triangle choke, trap your opponent in a guard and pull him close to you with your legs.
2. Pull his head down with one hand, and lock his arm with your other arm. Once secured, quickly release his arm and use your free hand to pull his shirt off his back.
3. Once the shirt is around his neck, release his head and quickly put your free hand through the neck hole of the shirt and pull.
4. Crossing over your wrist, use your other hand to pull the rest of the shirt from the other side of his head.
5. Using the shirt, pull his head towards you to tighten the choke.

For inquiries, contact Fight Factory Manila – Fort Bonifacio on Facebook, or via 511-1936.


PHOTO: Ignacio; GIFs: Ignacio

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