Your period can cause a lot of discomfort. Aside from physical pain, you also tend to become very emotional due to your hormones going haywire. Although your monthly visitor is something you simply have to deal with, you can still work around those highs and lows through the kinds of food that you eat.

"What you eat is connected to your mood, your hormones, and the way you look," said dietitian-nutritionist Dr. Cheshire Que during the fourth anniversary of Jeunesse Anion. She further added the importance of keeping hydrated and snacking on food rich in protein and potassium, while steering clear of the following:

1. Refined sugars
Refined sugars are processed sugars that include common sweeteners found in packaged food such as fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Consuming refined sugars can lead to insulin spikes, resulting in the release of happy hormones called serotonin. This may feel good until you crash and produce the stress hormone cortisol that causes you to want more sweets, leading to fat accumulation around your belly.

2. Fatty food
High-fat meals slow down digestion and make you feel sluggish. It also impedes the absorption of tryptophan, an amino acid that synthesizes protein.

3. Caffeine
Caffeine increases the production of cortisol, leading to more sweet cravings.

4. Salty food
Sodium causes water retention, which gets you bloated.

5. Processed food
Chips, instant meals, and canned goods are high in sodium and refined sugars that increase that heavy, puffy feeling.

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