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Schools Restricting the Knowledge of Students
« on: October 02, 2019, 06:35:52 pm »
There was a time when the focus of public schools was to ensure that they were spreading religious ideas. However, that is not the case at present. The public schools have become more secular institutions and whatever students are taught now, is way ahead and different from what the real purpose was. It should be noted here that the main point of teaching has moved towards guiding students of what to think and how to think, rather than allowing them to explore their surroundings. Some students tend to venture out on their own. For instance, during research work for their homework, they tend to use a single reliable source for all write my essay to get the information they need.

This is what the current education system is not happy with. In some schools, teachers are completely banned from having any kind of discussion on evolution within the classroom. There is certain leeway in the sense that students are allowed to ask questions, but they must be answered in such a way that they do not explore the particular area further.

Some people are completely opposing this view of society. These people are of the view that constantly guiding students regarding what they should think or do, would restrict their growth significantly. Students must be allowed to explore any topic of interest and be able to ask questions related to it. A teacher?s responsibility is to ensure that she allows the student to grow. The school management would need to change their approach of how education is being carried out in schools. The focus should be not on what the current time is all about, but it should be aimed at the main reason for which the entire education system was created. The basic foundation must be strong.


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