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Re: President Digong Administration 2016-2022 Thread 3
« Reply #320 on: February 02, 2019, 02:38:00 pm »
its been more than a decade but the following stuck like a sore thumb from listening to my former college professors who were then presidential econ adviser, bsp and neda directors

1) there is no predominant catholic country that will ever be rich... bakit? kasi raw it is ingrained in the followers na Dyos na ang bahala, na sometimes instead of finding solution to our problems, pinapasaDyos na lang (pasintabi to the devout and religious, im catholic too)

2) probably an unpopular opinion, but one said only a dictator can make our country better becz pinoys have no discipline, do not follow laws and have no respect to the govt... kamay na bakal is the only solution to the undisciplined population, and without discipline, we will never be a first world country, not in a thousand years

also, there is no single direct reason for inflation, it is always a combination of politics, interest rate prices, oil hikes, local and international policies... as far as i remember average annual inflation is between 4-6%, so we should really be financially literate and put our hard-earned money in instruments that will beat the inflation rate para hindi bumaba ang value ng money natin...

sorry, i know this is about Digong but I just suddenly remembered all these things from reading all the posts in this forum...

quo vadis, philippines?
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Re: President Digong Administration 2016-2022 Thread 3
« Reply #321 on: August 30, 2019, 01:22:49 pm »
Quite disappointed to Duterte, okay naman siya as Pres. except for one thing para sa farmers natin, sobrang lakas ng padrino ni Villar kay Duterte. Hoping na may isang future Philippine President na may puso sa farmers, yung hindi masyadong nag rerely sa ofws
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