Author Topic: kissing the girl "down there"... (Thread 2)  (Read 92330 times)


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Re: kissing the girl "down there"... (Thread 2)
« Reply #340 on: February 02, 2018, 09:16:49 pm »
yung sinasabi na external orgasm, ang tawag dun ay clitoral orgasm
and meron talagang orgasm sa loob ng vagina which is called "gspot orgasm.

so dalawa yan palagi, alin man sa dalawa ay solve na para sa mga babae.

and mas mgandang gumamit ng dental dam to reduce the risk of getting std / hiv for me lang naman. it's better to be safe than sorry later. Alam naman natin na maraming bacteria down there (anal). Pwede naman gumawa ng dental dam out of condom. It's a win win solution for both of you without the doubt of getting disease or infection after doing that and can kiss the girl the girl, mouth lick / f*** the girl's vagina and the opening of their urethra after anal oral sex to increase the romance and making love.
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Re: kissing the girl "down there"... (Thread 2)
« Reply #341 on: September 25, 2018, 10:14:38 am »
i remember the latest cunnilingus my hubby did for me..
sobrang happy ako dahil hindi siya napagod agad... yung nilasap ko lang bawat lick niya sakin.. sobrang thankful na he took his time, he got patient, and eventually hit the right spot until i came hard.
haaay. sarap. gusto ko pa ulit  ;D


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