Author Topic: HIRING Social Media Manager/Copywriter (Full time, home-based position)  (Read 2445 times)


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Must have experience in managing social media accounts
With marketing background
Knowledgeable in SEO

-Effective social media management
-Marketing planning
-Create some website copies

This is a full-time, flexible, home-based position.

For interested applicants, send me a PM.
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In order to start freelancing career. First be sure to pursue your work and have persistence. You will need to collaborate at some items if you look to find SEO writing work then you can check seo houston I hope you get what you want.


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Re: HIRING Social Media Manager/Copywriter (Full time, home-based position)
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The majority of writing tasks require students to write in a persuasive manner and convince a reader of something.  The same can be said about the thesisis statement and if you want to make it strong, here you may learn how to do it


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