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Re: All About Spanx
« Reply #340 on: April 03, 2017, 08:28:42 pm »
I tried Spanx, yung most expensive one in Rustan's when I was looking for the best shapewear for an event. But I felt that the house brand of Debenhams is much better. Mas na suck in niya yung tummy ko and mas evenly distributed. It did not fold and its was comfortable to breathe in as well. Its also cheaper by 2K. 

I think it depends on your body shape. Problem area ko kasi yung tummy ko e. With the one I found at Debenhams, may extra padding/ strong support siya sa tummy area to further push in the fat.

Sending this fun video on Spanx I found at Buzzfeed :)


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Re: All About Spanx
« Reply #341 on: June 05, 2020, 06:43:49 am »
I have a funny story about some new shapewear I wore to an event. I bet everyone here will gues and the hint is, that shapewear didn't have an open crotch. I was so excited about the event that I didn't even pay attention to that until I had to use the restroom. Further, it was agony.


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Re: All About Spanx
« Reply #342 on: June 05, 2020, 08:26:29 pm »
I don't have large breasts, so I don't wear a bra underneath. I also, never buy shapewear that doesn't have a crotch down there. I don't even understand the manufacturers that do not think about that. How are you supposed to pee in that shapewear? Even if it's the best on the market, I don't think it's worth the struggle. I always try to get the best and the most comfortable shapewear because even if it's meant for making you more fit it doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable.
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